• The last round of T14-Schedule has been updated. Team roasters will be locked by Thursday. Restriction of atleast 1 League game per player will be applied.
    Quarter Final:  
    Group 1  Group 2    
    Spartans Vikings
    Cowboys Winner - Fighters/Jaguars
    Chargers Royal Cardinals
    Avengers ISK
    Game 41 (08/27/2016 05:00 PM) : Jaguars Vs Fighters
    Quarter Finals:  
    Game 42 (08/28/2016 09:00 AM) : Chargers Vs Royal Cardinals    
    Game 43 (08/28/2016 11:30 AM) : Vikings Vs Spartans                     
    Game 44 (08/28/2016 02:00 PM) : Cowboys Vs ISK               
    Game 45 (08/28/2016 04:30 PM) : Avengers Vs winner of Game 41
    Semi Final:  
    Game 46 (09/10/2016 02:30 PM): Game 42 winner Vs Game 45 
    Game 47 (09/10/2016 05:00 PM): Game 43 winner Vs Game 44 winner
    Game 48 (09/11/2016 09:00 AM): Game 46 winner Vs Game 47 winner

  • Schedule has been updated for the Round 2 of IPL T14 2016.  Please review schedule for the games and umpiring. If you have any questions/concerns please contact Iowa Premier League at or
  • Excessive Heat Warning in Central Iowa

    Active for next 20 hours ·National Weather Service

    Hot and very humid conditions persist through Saturday. Excessive Heat Warning remains in effect until 7 PM CDT Saturday.

    Recommended actions

    An Excessive Heat Warning means that a prolonged period of dangerously hot temperatures will occur. The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will combine to create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are likely.

    All the players make sure you are well hydrated, wearing proper clothing and take necessary precautions. Do not leave pets and/or children in unattended vehicles. Car Interiors can reach lethal temperatures in a matter of minutes in these conditions.

    Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat Stroke is an emergency, call 911.

  • WELCOME TO IPL 2016 - T14 tennis cricket ball tournament

    Schedule has been updated for the Round 1.  Please review schedule for the games and umpiring. If you have any questions/concerns please contact Iowa Premier League at
    Round-1 Superstars vs Pella N/A N/A 7/23/2016 11:00 AM Pella
      Cavaliers Vs ISK Royals Fighters 7/23/2016 5:30PM to 8PM Wilson
      Jaguars Vs Elites Longhorns Titans 7/23/2016 3PM to 5.30PM Wilson
      Cowboys vs Titans Cavaliers Elites 7/24/2016 8AM to 10:30AM Wilson
      BBCI Vs Vikings Cowboys Fighters 7/24/2016 10:30AM to 1PM Wilson
      Packers Vs Chargers Vikings Titans 7/24/2016 1PM to 3:30PM Wilson
      Royals vs Spartans ISK Chargers 7/24/2016 3:30PM to 6PM Wilson
      Avengers vs Longhorns Spartans Jaguars 7/24/2016 6PM to 8:30PM Wilson

    Iowa Premier League
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