• All games on Saturday (Apr 30) and Sunday (May 1) are cancelled. 
  • All games on Saturday (Apr 30) and Sunday (May 1) are cancelled. 
  • Teams, Saturday's morning games will be cancelled due to temperature below 40. Saturday PM games and Sunday all games will be as per schedule.

    Thank you !
  • As communicated in the email to all the captians, we will meet today at 3:15 PM for the draw. If you do have any feedback,as always, we can discuss during the draw. 
    MIDDENDORF-KREDELL BRANCH county Library (room A)
    2750 Hwy K, O'Fallon 63368-7859
  • Thank you all who has registered for the 2016 OFCL Season. We have got 15 teams so far that are registered..We have spot for one more team, so please go ahead and send your entry if you haven't already done so. Draw will be next week and details will be published soon. We also have several sponsors supporting us and will announce that information before the league starts.
  • Dear All,

    Hope this email find you all in great spirits.

    OFCL is happy to announce the commencement of registration for 2016 season. Please accept this email as an invite to register your team in OFCL for 2016 season. Please respond by 04-Mar-2016 with your team's interest to register for 2016 season. Please note we would like to limit the registrations to a limited number of teams, hence please rush with your response to

    Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

    Thank you

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  • Do we have games tomorrow morning? It doesn't even reach 40's untill noon tomorrow.

    Pavan Daggumati - 2016-04-08 14:31:19.0

  • Hello, Falcons players are missing from Batting statistics. Please look in to this. -- Naren

    Naren Madavaram - 2016-04-07 11:54:20.0

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