• BULLS pulled out of the tournament. Any team that has a game with BULLS will be awarded a walk over. 
  • Teams, Stop by in the ground this morning 9-11:30 for the finals between falcons and monsoon blues. We will have Prize distribution followed after the game.
  • T2 Finals is scheduled for 9/12 9:00 AM followd by prize distribution. Please come over to collect your trophies.

    The full schedule for T3 is also published in the website now.
  • The draw for T3 is scheduled for 6 PM on 23rd at starbucks near hwy k and technology drive. 

    We have 14 teams confirmed for T3 and the schedule without the team names will be sent to the 14 team captains ahead of the draw.

    With both the semi finals cancelled today, the finals will not be happening on 23rd. Keeping that in mind, the first week game timings might be adjusted a little bit to fit in the play off games. We appreciate your understanding. See you all at starbucks.
  • Reminder for teams to send your entries for 2015_T3 by August 17th. The tournament will start from August 29th. A draw will take place on Augutst 23rd during the finals of T2. 
  • Based on some feedback from teams, we decided to reschedule 2 weekends ( June 20,21,27,28)  games that were fully washed out. According to this,the league games are extended for 2 more weekends followed by the playoffs. Please check your schedules.

    If there are any more games that are not rescheduled and were washed out, you have the option of playing them during weekdays ( Monday through Thursday ) before August 6th. If you decide not to play, please go ahead and update the website accordingly. If we donot receive any communication from the teams that you are playing or not by Aug 3rd we will split points. 
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  • Found a kids jacket in the ground;

    OFCL Admin - 2015-09-17 11:13:32.0