• Dear all,

    We are heading to the end of all the Preliminary games by this weekend for the OFCL 2016 T1.  The League has rescheduled April 30/May1 games to the May21/22 reserve weekend.  Besides that if you still have any games that needs to be played, please plan for a reschedule time and keep us updated.  Please note all the preliminary games needs to be completed by May 26 (Thursday).

    Top 8 teams based on ranking will be eligible for Quarter Finals.  Quarter Finals will be played on June 4th (Saturday).  Rank 1 vs Rank 8, Rank 2 vs Rank 7, Rank 3 vs Rank 6, Rank 4 vs Rank 5.

    Semi Finals will be played on June 5th (Sunday),  Finals TBD.

  • Arun from Supersmashers found couple of sweatshirts from the cricket ground earlier.  Pls contact if you are missing your sweatshirt. 
  • All games on Saturday (Apr 30) and Sunday (May 1) are cancelled. 
  • All games on Saturday (Apr 30) and Sunday (May 1) are cancelled. 
  • Teams, Saturday's morning games will be cancelled due to temperature below 40. Saturday PM games and Sunday all games will be as per schedule.

    Thank you !
  • As communicated in the email to all the captians, we will meet today at 3:15 PM for the draw. If you do have any feedback,as always, we can discuss during the draw. 
    MIDDENDORF-KREDELL BRANCH county Library (room A)
    2750 Hwy K, O'Fallon 63368-7859
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  • Found a kids jacket in the ground;

    Ofcl Admin - 2015-09-17 11:13:32.0

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