• Based on some feedback from teams, we decided to reschedule 2 weekends ( June 20,21,27,28)  games that were fully washed out. According to this,the league games are extended for 2 more weekends followed by the playoffs. Please check your schedules.

    If there are any more games that are not rescheduled and were washed out, you have the option of playing them during weekdays ( Monday through Thursday ) before August 6th. If you decide not to play, please go ahead and update the website accordingly. If we donot receive any communication from the teams that you are playing or not by Aug 3rd we will split points. 
  • The cricket stumps / cones are missing from the kit box. If any one has taken it please replace it back immediately
  • All games for Sunday is cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience

  • Saturday (Jun 27) all games cancelled due to non-playable conditions.

    Status on Sunday games will be updated on Sunday morning (Jun 28)

  • Due to continuous rain during this week and due to bad ground conditions, all OFCL Games are CANCELLED for June 20 (Sat)  & June 21 (Sun).  A Reserve weekend will be allocated to accommodate the cancelled games from June20 & June21.  All the cancelled games from June 20 & June 21 will move to the Reserve Weekend.

  • All the games for Sunday 06/14 are Cancelled due to bad weather and ground conditions.

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