• Quick update on the Charity event...We have collected a total of 15,411 Dollars. Thank you very much for your overwhelming response and as pledged earlier, all expenses for this event are taken care by OFCL.

    We are going to handover the checks to Arya Foundation, VHelp Poor , Srujanavani & to the family of Rashmi. $3000 will be handed over to each of the beneficiary and we are going to keep the balance  $3411 aside to support any needy families or organizations in the near future.

    We will keep you posted on the updates from these organizations on how this money is going to be spent and also please look out for an invite for an event where we are going to handover the checks to the beneficiaries.

    Thank you again for all your support.
    OFCL Commitee

  • Dear all:
    We are towards yet another end of a Great Tournament (OFCL T2 SUPER SIXTEEN) with Quarter Finals and Semi Finals scheduled during this Saturday and Sunday.  The Finals will be played during the weekend of Aug 20 / 21.  
    At this time, we would like to sincerely Thank YOU and your team for your continued support and making this league a great success.  For the first time all the preliminary games have been played though we had some rain washout games, the playing teams went ahead and rescheduled their games during the available slot and converted their washout games to played games.  We really appreciate all the efforts your team is putting towards the completion.  During the past weekend, there had been tremendous voluntary work by few captains notably Sridhar Patibandla (Olive Strikers), Srini Munnangi (Blazers) and Sridhar Pappu (Rising Stars) in getting the ground prepared for the last round of preliminary games by clearing up water near the cricket pitch and also bringing in abundant mulch to spray it in the bad spots.  This enabled the past Saturday games to be playable.  We are proud to have captains like you who came forward and helped the league.  Thank you once again.
    Regarding T3:  We are happy to announce the commencement of OFCL T3 from August 27th weekend.  We have tremendous response from most of the captains.  We are considering all the teams from T2 (and few discontinued teams from T1) to continue to play in T3.  Please let us know only if your team will not continue to play T3 else your is automatically included in the team list for T3.  In case if your team is not continuing for T3, please respond back by Friday Aug 12 by 8pm.  New teams are highlighted in Green, returning teams are highlighted in yellow and rest all continuing teams.
    Following are the 18 teams for T3.
    1 Archrivals 10 Kishore's Team
    2 Blazers 11 Monsoon Blues
    3 Challengers 12 OFallon Blues
    4 Conquerers 13 Olive Strikers
    5 Cool Dudes 14 Rising Stars
    6 Eagles 15 Signature India Royals
    7 Falcons 16 Southern Vipers
    8 Indians 17 Spartans
    9 Jones Jaguars 18 Super Smashers

     In case if your team is not confirming for OFCL T3, please respond back by Friday Aug 12 by 8pm.

    Thank you |  OFCL
  • Dear all,

    Please logon to your player profile and add your profile picture to it.  Please make sure the profile picture has your face in it and it is clearly visible.  The League requests this to be completed by July 6, 2016 (Wednesday).

    Thank you
  • Dear all,
    Greetings from the O’Fallon Cricket League (OFCL) family !!!
    Thank you for your continued support.  Without you the league would not be a great success and we sincerely Thank each one of you for your contribution to make this league a great success.  We are happy to announce you the commencement of OFCL T2 (“SUPER SIXTEEN”) in few days.  It will be a 16 overs game, with 10 a side Hard Tennis ball Cricket tournament starting on June 11th, 2016.
    • Please treat this as an invite to register your team.  We assume that all the 16 teams from our 2016 T1 would be continuing to play the T2 (Super Sixteen) as well. 
    • We also welcome the new teams who have registered for “Super Sixteen”.  (Ramesh team, Rahul’s “Arch-Rivals”, Chandan’s “STL Indians”).  Thank you for being part of our O’Fallon Cricket League (OFCL) family.
    • Any other new teams that would like to register please respond back to us by this Friday (Jun 3, 2016).  Existing teams, please respond back only if you would not be registering your team for “Super Sixteen” else your team will be automatically registered for “Super Sixteen” tournament.
    •  “Super Sixteen” schedule draw will take place @ the OFCL cricket field this Sunday (Jun 5, 2016) around 5.30pm soon after the Tournament1’s Semi Final games.
    Once again lets have some great fun and we really appreciate your response at your earliest.
    Also PLEASE find the GAME RULES LINK for your perusal.
    Please review the rules, and email us before this Sunday’s Schedule draw, OR bring in your questions / valuable suggestion to the venue on Sunday during draw.  Your suggestion that benefits the league and the teams will always be considered.
    Thank you
  • Dear all,

    We are heading to the end of all the Preliminary games by this weekend for the OFCL 2016 T1.  The League has rescheduled April 30/May1 games to the May21/22 reserve weekend.  Besides that if you still have any games that needs to be played, please plan for a reschedule time and keep us updated.  Please note all the preliminary games needs to be completed by May 26 (Thursday).

    Top 8 teams based on ranking will be eligible for Quarter Finals.  Quarter Finals will be played on June 4th (Saturday).  Rank 1 vs Rank 8, Rank 2 vs Rank 7, Rank 3 vs Rank 6, Rank 4 vs Rank 5.

    Semi Finals will be played on June 5th (Sunday),  Finals TBD.

  • Arun from Supersmashers found couple of sweatshirts from the cricket ground earlier.  Pls contact if you are missing your sweatshirt. 
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    Ofcl Admin - 2015-09-17 11:13:32.0

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