BEST Cricket League - PG County 2018
Series Details:
Series BEST Cricket League - PG County 2018
Start Date 03/12/2018
Ball Type Other
Series Type Twenty20
Winner Whitehall Elementary School
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Elementary School Cricket

The First Elementary School Cricket League in the Nation

In the spring of 2014, the Bowie Boys and Girls Club (BBGC) formed a partnership with Prince Georges County Public Schools (PGCPS) to start an elementary school cricket league. We started in the fall of 2013 by going to P.E. classes and teaching the kids how to play cricket in 7 elementary schools: Whitehall, Heather Hills, Rockledge, Kenilworth, Grace Christian, St. Pius, and Yorktown. The United States Youth Cricket Association (USYCA) donated cricket sets to all the schools and continues to donate cricket sets to schools throughout the USA. The following spring 8 teams were formed and practice started. The teams were Whitehall 1, Whitehall 2, Whitehall 3, Heather Hills 1, Heather Hills 2, Bulldogs (Grace Christian/St. Pius), Rockledge, Kenilworth/Yorktown.


After spring break there were 4 games for each team. Then, the playoffs began. Heather Hills 1 and Whitehall 3 made it to the finals. Heather Hills 1 beat Whitehall 3 in a close match.

Encouraged by the success of the program, the BBGC decided to expand the cricket league to include other elementary school in Bowie as well as several schools in the College Park area.