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CTCL 1st 50 days Achievement

01/23/2018POSTED BY Guru Krish

CTCL 1st 50 days Achievement

We want to share our thought process and how we operate. We explained very clearly during captains meeting that we (CTCL EC) will run the league unbiased and not influenced by any club or CTCL BOD. We will always listen to the inputs from all clubs, senior members and we (CTCL EC) wil implement what’s best for Austin Cricket and communicate the reasoning as well.

  • CTCL 2018/2019 mission statement created and shared with captains, presidents.

  • Collected feedbacks from Captains, Vice Captains, Presidents.

  • Addressed top priority items from feedback.

  • Website, Portability rule, League format, Communication, Schedule, Umpiring

  • New website, live scoring app, data import  -

  • White balls, color clothing, competitive premier and champions league

  • Started Umpiring certification initiative.

  • Color clothing vendors shared with captains.

  • Weekly Communication through website, facebook, yahoo & google groups.

  • CTCL committee volunteers - disciplinary committee, league play, umpiring certification, charity program, infrastructure, central west selectors, Youth committee.

  • 2018 league rules doc added to new website, shared with captains & presidents.

  • 2018 T35 Premier league schedule uploaded to new website & shared.

  • Meet with RRCC BOD, HCCA BOD.

  • CTCL weekly meetings.

  • CTCL Youth Kickoff Tournament

  • CTCL Youth League

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