News - 2018 season set to kick off with T35 tournament
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2018 season set to kick off with T35 tournament

Ravi Chavali

2018 season set to kick off with T35 tournament

Welcome to 2018 T35 Premier season. As you all probably know by now, the season starts on February 10th. As reviewed in captains meetings, we wanted to have quick overview of changes this year.


League rules

  • White ball and color clothing for the games. That means pads need to be colored too.

  • Helmets are strongly recommended but not mandatory. Please use utmost precaution when playing the sport.

  • No portable players allowed. Only up to 3 substitutes( can’t bat, captain or bowl) allowed.

  • Players under 17 can be used as portables. But be ready to show documentation when challenged by captain.

  • If a team forfeits, in addition to point penalty, there is a fine of $100 which needs to be paid before they are allowed to play another game.


  • Level I certified umpires have power to sit players out if they are in violation of code of conduct policies.

  • Umpires dress code is dark shirt( Red/ Blue/ Black) and black pants.

  • Please bring the man of the match trophies along with you.

  • Please furnish a report to and copy if any disciplinary action is taken on the field. Please be very thorough while furnishing the document.

  • Report time: 8:30AM and Toss at 8:40AM and Game Start: 9:00AM

Above all, We request everyone to play the game in the right spirit and enjoy!

Good luck to all the teams!


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