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CTCL Central West Selection Process

Arun Reddy

CTCL Central West Selection Process

CTCL Central West Selection Process

Texas Cup - Nominations

  •           Communicate the open selection process to captains and players.
  •           Ask captains to propose 4 players from their past experience in CTCL or other leagues as nominations.
  •           Selection committee will assess the nominations as well as current performances from 2018 season to select 25 PACT (Potential Austin Cricket Team)
Texas Cup - Selection Criteria

  •           Players need to attend at least 75% of the practice sessions for consideration.
  •           CTCL EC and Committee will nominate Captain and VC for the team, as well as recommend a Team Manager.
  •           Selection committee will be involved in Practice Sessions as well as Practice Games to assess the performance of the players as well as fitness.
  •           Selection Committee will announce the 14 player Team who will represent Austin in Texas Cup.

Please send your nominations by March 30th, 2018. Thanks.

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