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2018 CTCL March NewsLetter

Guru Krish

2018 CTCL March NewsLetter

Guru Krish (President)

CTCL Youth League: April 1st and Special Ceremony on April 29th.
CTCL EC (Rohan, Gohar, Ravi, Bharath, Guru), CTCL BOD (Humayun), Zubair, Arun, Nirav, Santosh and ALL Parents been working hard for the last few months to start our own CTCL Youth League. We will have out 1st official youth league game between Rising Stars vs Texas Stars in RRCG on April 1st @ RRCG. CTCL EC (Arun, Bharath, Rohan) will umpire first three youth league games. We will have a special ceremony planned on April 29th. Please drop by and support this major event and critical milestone in our CTCL History.

CTCL had our 1st marketing event during Holi Mela @ Baba Temple. Huge thanks to  Ravi Chavali, Pallavi Kompella & Sunitha Krish for their time, preparation and making it a successful event.  We had great interest and currently following up with the signup to form additional teams in CTCL.

CTCL EC and BOD are working with local business who can be CTCL sponsors in promoting cricket and support our mission. We have 2 sponsors: MileStone Community Builders and Orangetheory fitness (MoM sponsor for our Premier T35 league).

Upcoming Tournaments:
Thanks to CTCL BOD (Majad), we had the initial discussion with Dallas and Houston league about upcoming tournaments. Austin is hosting TEXAS CUP on June 30th, July 1st and we bringing back the competitive cricket between the Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio teams.  We will also play in CUPL (Central United Premier League) later part of the year. We need help and support, please reach out to if you are interested. Thank You.

Humayun Bashir, Brian Walters, Majad Ahmad (BOD)
It has been an exciting spring for the CTCL BOD, and we look forward to achieving some lofty goals, working in conjunction with the EC.
Among our accomplishments in the last few weeks, are the following:

  • Facilitated a conference call to Introduce Guru to the Houston and Dallas leagues.

  • Presented idea for a Texas cup to the other leagues. Logistics and details to be worked by the EC moving forward.

  • Continued planning for the youth cricket league, including facilitating ongoing discussions with Town and Country Optimist club and the City of Round Rock for youth summer camps.

  • Re-engaged with the Andy Roddick Foundation (ARF) to teach cricket as part of their summer program.

Here is a short video highlighting last year’s exciting camp:

After much deliberation and discussions with the HCCA BOD, we were unfortunately unable to reconcile our differences regarding the direction of the league, and HCCA has decided to pull its teams out of the 2018 T20 tournament.

While we are disappointed in this decision, we appreciate the contributions made to CTCL by HCCA over the years that the league has been in existence, and wish them well.

We will continue to build on what has been a great start to the season under the new EC, and would like to convey the message that the door remains open for future seasons, should the HCCA BOD choose to reconsider its decision.

Please contact if you like to get additional context regarding HCCA decision. As always, share your feedback, comments and reach out to us if you are interested in being part of CTCL. Thank You.

Rohan Munshi (Vice President)
I am very please how the season has progressed so far, apart from some early washouts we have witnessed some exciting games thus far, and hoping rest of the games and playoffs will be as exciting as the current season. It is very satisfying to see league is adapting new changes very well like live scoring etc. Let us know if we need to improve on anything, your feedbacks are most valued.

As part of constant communication efforts with the league, we are conducting monthly captains meeting on 4/12. Invites and poll already been announced on the FB page for CTCL captains, please make an effort to come and discuss it will help us manage the league better.

WIshing you all very best for the playoffs and looking forward to the exciting summer T20 tournaments.

Ravi Chavali (League Director), Arun Reddy (Website Director)
Austin weather held up good and the season progressed without any major disruptions in March. Right now top three players are Prabhuram Jagadeesan, Dhruv Gupta and Majid Zubair in Division 1 and Mahesh Kakarla, Humayun Bashir and Shareed Shaik in Division 2. I congratulate them for their wonderful performances and achievements. We have scheduled the remaining regular season games for Division 2 and will be scheduling them for Division 1 next week.
As we are getting close to the playoff time for T35 tournament, we are now planning on upcoming T20 tournaments. The format of the tournament is going to be different from what was discussed in captains meeting. This is partly due to changes beyond our control and evolution of our approach to leather ball cricket in the Austin area. In the Summer, we are going to host a Invitational T20 league. This is for inviting new teams and individuals to the CTCL family. The rules around portability will be relaxed. This is going to be a very short tournament with 4-5 games per team. However, the points earned in this tournament will be (used in tie-breaker/ determine the ranking of teams in the start of T20). T20 Championship trophy, the portability rules will be back to current rules and we are hoping to schedule around 10-15 games per team during the regular season. All these plans are predicated on the number of teams we can get for this tournament. We are reaching out to cricket enthusiast and marketing cricket to the larger Austin community. I urge the CTCL community spread the word. If you need any promotional material, please reach out to anyone in CTCL EC and we will be glad to provide all the necessary material.

I also urge every member to subscribe to CTCL videos Youtube channel and work with us to gather content. This will greatly help in building a vibrant Cricketing community in Austin.

Thank You, please reach out to us ( if you like to be part of ctcl committee and promote cricket in Austin.

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