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CTCL Captains Meet

01/22/2019POSTED BY Narendran Chandrasekaran

CTCL Captains Meet

Greetings CTCL Family!

Hope everyone had a good break! Its about time for the new season and we have a few things to communicate regarding the upcoming season:
  1. Captains meeting will be held on February 2nd. Meeting will start at 5 PM at Mirchi Restaurant. All captains and Vice captains need to attend this meeting. You will be getting trophies and game balls to be used for the season. 
  2. We will be hosting an umpiring clinic on the same day (February 2nd) at 6 PM right after the captains meeting. Players that attend and pass the test in this clinic will be certified (and paid more for umpiring games). We would like to have at least 3-5 players from each team to attend this.
    • Please note that the certification is valid for 2 years only. This means that any player who is currently certified from last year's umpiring clininc do not need to attend this year's umpiring clinic
  3. To Captain's notice - This year's League fees has been reduced to $1500 (was $1600) per team for the whole season.
    • Here is the break down for teams who are taking part in only one league this year:
      • $1000 for T20 ONLY
      • $500 for T30/35 ONLY. 
    • Please bring a check to the meeting or PayPal @ 
We will be going over some of the exciting things planned for 2019. All Captains are expected to take part and provide their valuable suggestions/feedback, raise any concerns etc. Thanks for being a part of the CTCL community. More in store for all of us.

Refreshments will be served. :) 


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