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MPL 2021 Champions

09-28-2021POSTED BY CM Admin

MPL 2021 Champions

Congratulations to all the teams/individuals who have received the following awards for their exceptional performance during MPL-2021. Thanks for all the captains, players and volunteers for helping Cricket Milwaukee throughout the tournament and making it possible. Special thanks to Prateesh Polly(Blue Whales) and Sukumar(Blue Whales) for volunteering for Umpiring in Finals.

Champions – GB Stars
Runners – Lions
Man of Series – Rakesh Alimineti (Lions) – 22 Wickets, 404 Runs, 4 Dismisals in Fielding
Best Batsman (Highest runs) –  Vishnu Sundaramoorthy (Stallions) – 517 Runs
Best Bowler (Highest wickets) – Vipin Muraleedharan (Dark Horse) – 24 Wickets
Batting - Highest Strike Rate (Minimum qualification 100 runs scored) – Jil Sheth (Sunrisers) – 184 runs@155.93 Strike Rate
Bowling - Most Economical Bowler (Minimum qualification 100 balls bowled) – Raja Singh(Milwaukee Capitals) – 17 overs@3.24 economy
Best Fielder – Jannu Venkatesh (Chargers) – 39 Dismissals

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Vishnu Sundaramoorthy:  Don?t get me wrong. I am appreciative of all the efforts by the organizers and do agree Rakesh deserves the MOS award for his performance and contributions to his team. I am just against the rationale given by the committee which, according to me, puts all the non-all-rounders at a disadvantage.
Vishnu Sundaramoorthy:  Hearty congratulations to the winning teams and all the award winners. Organizers - thanks for yet another eventful MPL season. W.r.t. the 'Man of the Series' award, special thanks to the organizing committee for having moved the stumps just before the ball was bowled. To all the pure batsmen, pure bowlers and especially wicketkeepers - don?t even dream about getting this award. It's beyond your reach, more so because of the unique selection criteria that will be defined on the eve of finals.