• Today 2nd elimination match for KForce Summer league 2019 between Royals andGBSK teams.Who ever wins this match, will be playing finals against Scorchers on Sunday at 04:00 PM Chappel ground.
  • We have come to the end of summer league 2018. Final match is tomorrow at 10.00AM @ chappel. Come and enjoy the cricket.Summer league final 2018Tigers vs GBSK10.00 AMChappell
  • Finally summer is here is Green Bay...GBCA summer league 2018  starts  tomorrow 5/23/18. let play and enjoy the cricket for next two months. 7 Teams are participating in this league. Lets s[...]
  • GBCA Spring Super 6 - April 29 2017 (Saturday)  Registrations are open for GBCA Spring Super 6 , this will be a one day event.  Teams will play with 6 members per side with smaller bound[...]
  • Dear Friends,We hope you had a wonderful winter and  well rested for the upcoming cricket season.While we are counting the days to start playing cricket, we would like to formally[...]
  • GBCA Fall Cricket League 2016With a second year of GBCA Fall Cricket League witnessed many high scoring games which includes competative final between Centurion vs Sultaans. Sultaans put a good show [...]
  • GBCA is seeking volunteers for various events and for contributing in various roles within the organisation.While GBCA has successfully conducted leagues for last 5 years, we would like more voluntee[...]
  • Hello All,As you all know that Summer League - 2016 is wrapping up this week and we still have lot of summer left to fill the hunger for cricket. Please consider this as official invite for GBCA Fall[...]
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"Sixer for Harish" Super Six Tournament

Gbca Admin 2016-04-17 Comments

As you all know, one of our fellow player “Harish Jakinapalli" who played for Gladiators in 2015 is diagnosed with “Acute Myeloid Leukemia". He has two beautiful children and a loving wife. He is being actively treated. Check this for more information: is a fighter and we all know that he will come out of this tough phase and play with us again. In order to show reassurance of our support, we are conducting a one day "Su[...]

Hawks crowned with GBCL 2014 championship

Cricclubs Admin 2014-07-28 Comments

As was the case throughout the tournament, the play offs and finals provided the perfect finish to what has been an outstanding tournament. What an incredible fight these two finalists have provided. It all started with Panthers winning the group match in the last over and tying the next one before beating them in the semi-final again in a last over finish. But, hawks by virtue of their consistency, got the second shot for the final and able to make most out of it, by winning the other semi-fin[...]

GBCL 2014 Championship Game: Panthers Vs Hawks

Gbca Admin 2014-07-25 Comments

GBCL 2014 Championship GamePanthers Vs HawksSaturday, July 26 3:00 PM @ Chappels.Awards Ceremony follows the game.GBCA cordially invites the entire cricket community to witness as the stongest teams compete to win GBCL 2014 Championship.Special invite to all the MOM winners to the event to claim their awards as well. Good Luck Panthers & Hawks.. We are looking forward to a most sportful and entertaining game.. 

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  • Tigers have a Facebook page which contains match summaries, pictures of various outings, and just some fun stuff. Check it out at "www.". Feel free to comment.

    Sameer Mecci - 2015-06-14 00:14:58.0

  • Congratulations to both the teams for providing us an entertaining game. As predicted, Hawks won the final crowned with an incredible performance as a team and displayed why and how big teams performs during bigger games and like expected, Panthers chocked on their own mistakes, which I don?t want to list out here. I?ve already advised you guys what to do in our next tournament. Winners always go away with no criticism, but here Hawks need to step up in their future games specially with their fielding abilities, I was standing right next to you guys for almost 30 minutes and surprisingly you guys never talked about how bad you were in your fielding department, be careful this might hurt you in your future games. All in all, it was fun predicting the games and most of them turned out to be correct. I hope to do a better job in future and this time I feel like I might have to predict a final game where I would be playing too. Till then have fun and enjoy your life. Little wisdom IF things are bound to happen they will unless there is an upgrade in standards and efforts. Happy Independence Day-Jai Hind (Date: 07.30.14, 9:54 PM)

    Rajanikant Rajanikant - 2014-07-30 19:54:06.0