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Players Code of Conduct

Ranjit Chaudhri (

Players Code of Conduct

HDCL Member clubs and players:

Weather has started cooperating and games are getting quite competitive. We hope everyone is enjoying the season so far. Close games and fierce competition can also make players forget about the true spirit in which game of cricket must be played. It is a reminder to all clubs administrators, captains and vice-captains to educate players about HDCL players' code of conduct. HDCL has zero tolerance policy when it comes to indiscipline and unsportsmanlike behaviour on and off the cricket fields. Any player reported by umpire will be strictly dealt with.

Summer is short and we love this game so dearly that we don't wish to be denied an opportunity to enjoy this game of Gentlemen. Please convey message to all players. Team captains are ultimately responsible for their teams and will be held accountable in incidents of indiscipline and unsportsmanlike behaviors that could easily have been controlled.

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