Award Information

Fair Play Award:

This year we are taking up a new initiative to recognize teams for their spirit.    

Fair play award will reward the teams for their cricketing spirit and sportsmanship. In a match each team will be rated by their opponent for their on field conduct.


        1. Fair Play Award Winner (Rolling Trophy with team name engraved and 50$ reward)

        2. Fair Play Award Runner Up (50$ reward)

Rating process

Each team will rate their opponent in each match in the following two criteria

  1. Umpiring

  •    Unfair(bad calls) - 0 Point

  •    Neutral(marginal calls neither fair nor unfair) - 1 point

  •    Fair(good calls) - 2 points

   2. Team on field conduct

  •    Unfair(aggressive appealing, giving sendoff to dismissed batsmen, sledging) - 0 points

  •    Neutral (No interaction, some good some bad but nothing major to sway either way) - 1 point

  •    Fair(Displayed friendly attitude and sportsmanlike conduct) - 2 points

Points Gathering

  • After each match, Team Captains for every team will send their answer to the above question by filling an online form.

  • EB will only display the points earned by top 4 leaders in fairplay points table to avoid any negative impact of points table.

  • The points table will only be displayed after two weeks of start of the tournament.

  • Points will be gathered only for the league rounds and not for knockout rounds.

  • Washed out and forfeited matches will be rated with 0 points.