Heartland Cricket League – Rules

1.                  Only players registered with member clubs of Heartland Cricket League shall be allowed to participate in any events/activities conducted by HCL.
2.                  Each Team should register a minimum of 11 players, up to 20 players at the maximum.
3.                  A team can add any number of players till it reaches the maximum limit of 20.  Once the maximum is reached, a team can only add a new player to the list by pulling out one existing player from it. Any change to the roster has to be communicated through yahoo groups before the toss.
4.                  Under any circumstances, a player who has represented a team in a league match cannot be a part of any other team after playing for a team in a season. For a player to represent a team in the play-offs, the player should have played at least 2 games in the league phase. The mega T20 would be treated as separate tournament and payers can switch teams if not played any T20 match(s) for the original team. A player should have participated in at least one T20 game or played 2 games in the league (T30) to play in the T20 play offs.
5.                  No shorts or Tank tops allowed. Players will be required to wear only whites or team uniform for all the games.  Dark Colored uniform is not recommended.  The team uniform should be approved by the executive committee.
6.                  No sledging is allowed. Players shall, at all times, conduct play within the spirit of the game as well as within the HCL rules and Captains are responsible, at all times, for ensuring that this is adhered to. Only Captain and Bowler may speak to the Umpire about any concern they might have or about a decision.  Ball tampering will not be tolerated. If found guilty a player will be         banned from playing the league for rest of the season. In case of repeated offence, the player will not be allowed to participate in any future HCL events
7.                  The Captains from both sides shall ensure the boundaries and period intervals during the match before the toss.  The home team shall prepare the ground with boundary cones and wickets before the schedule start of the game.
8.                  The captains are requested to exchange the list of playing eleven before the toss.  Captains shall advise members of their respective teams that the Umpires’ decision is final and binding in regards to the playing of the game. Any individual acting in an ungentlemanly or un-sportsmanlike manner or using profanity shall not be tolerated by the Umpires nor should it be tolerated by the team to which that individual belongs.  Disciplinary action shall be taken by the team itself against the offending player.  In the event the team fails to take such action against the player, the executive Committee of the HCL may impose sanctions against the player of the team or both, at their discretion.
9.                  League matches shall consist of no more than 30 overs per side, with 6 balls per over. Each bowler shall bowl no more than 6 overs or one-fifth of total overs agreed prior to start of the game. All teams are required to use only the balls provided by the league for any HCL games. Each team needs to send a list of four or five designated name for umpiring. Please make sure persons you are nominating have the adequate knowledge needed for umpiring.
10.              A lunch interval shall be taken between the innings and the duration shall not exceed 30 minutes.
11.               A drinks break shall be taken every 15 overs.  Duration of drinks break shall not exceed 10 minutes each. In extreme hot weather, the frequency of water breaks may be increased to every 10 overs with 5-minute duration.
12.              Unless Time has been called, the incoming batsman must be in position to take guard or his partner to receive the next delivery within [3] three minutes of fall of wicket. Should he fail to do so, on appeal, he will be declared Timed out.
13.              Home Teams are requested to provide a suitable scoreboard, visible from the wicket.
14.              Batsmen or the fielding side captain can request for change of the ball in play if it seems unfit.  If a ball is lost or deteriorates, the fielding side should provide a ball similar to the condition of the match ball and both Captains should agree prior to its being used.  
15.              Toss will take place 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the game. . If the match is scheduled for 10:00 AM, the teams should be prepared to bowl/bat at 10:00 AM and not arrive at 10:00 AM. The home team will have the privilege to toss the coin and the visitors can call.  Captain of the team winning the toss should let the other captain know whether he is batting first or bowling first, right after the toss. If a team is not fully present at the scheduled start, the opponent will be considered as the winner of the toss and will decide which team bowls/bat first.  A team needs at least 8 of its players present to play the game.  If both teams are short of minimum 8 players, both the captains can agree for a late start.  This should in no way affect any other league game scheduled to be played in the same ground.  If a team is late, for every 5 minutes, one over will be docked and the opponent will get to bat the full quota of their overs. If a team is late by 45 minutes, they will forfeit the game.
16.              Captains are responsible for the provision of a standard cricket scorebook, and competent individual(s) to fully complete the scoring. In the absence of either of these, the other teams scoring will prevail. Where two scorers are present, it is their responsibility to mutually agree, with the assistance of captains and Umpires, if required. Any inconsistencies should be resolved as soon as possible, and no later than the end of an innings.
17.              The winning team is responsible to report the match result to the web administrator no later than the Monday following the weekend the match takes place. If a game is washed out, both teams have to submit their list of playing 11 (12 including the super sub). If a team forfeits a game, the whole team will not count for that game. Washed out game and a team that gets the forfeit, their roster will count as a qualifying game.
18.              Likewise, Score sheets and match summary must be submitted to the web admin by 5:00 PM Wednesday following the match weekend.
19.              Failure to follow 17 or 18 is punishable by up to a docking of 2 points against the team.
20.              Substitute players shall be allowed to field for a player who satisfies both the captains that he has become disabled by illness or injury during the match, but not for any other reason without the approval of the opposing Captain. The substitute should be attired in full team gear. The substitute fielder has to be a registered member as per rule #1. If a player is a substituting, that game will not count as a qualifying game for playoff eligibility.
21.              The Beamers are the fast full ball that is aimed at the face/head and can be dangerous for the batsman. The first Beamer receives a warning.  The bowler will not be allowed to bowl in the match if he bowls a second beamer. For slow bowlers, full toss over the shoulder will be called a no ball, for fast paced bowlers over the waist (under normal batting stance) is a no ball.
22.              Any ball that lands outside the pitch and goes past the batsman will be considered a WIDE and NOT A DEAD BALL.
23.              All ICC One day rules apply, in addition to any particular ones as modified or added by the HCL rules. The HCL rules take precedence over the HCL rule in case of conflicts.
24.              The Supersub is allowed for league matches but not for playoffs and T20 matches. The Supersub could bat, bowl, field or keep wicket once a player was replaced; the replaced player can take over the role of 12th man.  The two supersubs (batting and bowling/fielding) must be declared before the toss and both can take part in their designated area of the game irrespective of the toss result (batting or bowling first).

Rescheduling Rules
25.              Every attempt must be made to play a match during the weekend that it is scheduled in.
26.              Captains are encouraged to work out alternatives (playing at a different time, different venue etc. but all during the same weekend) to ensure cricket is played as long as it is possible and risk free. 
27.              No match shall be rescheduled by individual teams beyond the weekend that it is scheduled in. If a match cannot be played on that weekend (STRICTLY DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS), then it will be considered as Washed out and the points will be split between two teams.
28.               HCL does not encourage altering play times of any match due to non-weather related reasons such as player unavailability. Some, but very little, latitude is provided to captains to alter play times upon mutual consent. However, in the event that such a mutually-consented, rescheduled match is washed out, the team requesting the reschedule will have to forego the points and the other team will automatically receive all points for the game. 
29.              HCL Executive Board will monitor the "washed out" (excluding those awarded by rule 29 above) matches closely and will make every attempt to arrange for playing them during the second half of the season. For this to be practical, it is absolutely important that all of us work towards keeping the number of washed out games to an absolute minimum.
30.              All HCL match starts at 9:00 AM as per schedule. However, if a team is travelling for more than 45 minutes for an away match, the travelling team can decide the start time (between 9:00 and 10:00 AM) and inform the home team by Thursday.  It is solely up to the travelling team to decide the start time and home team cannot have objection. But the match has to start no later than 10:00 am unless ground conditions calls for.
Award of Points 
31.              The point system used in this League's competition shall be as follows:
Game Result Points
Win or Walk-Over 2
Tie 1
Rain out or Draw 1
Loss 0
Forfeiting a game -1
32.              The team scoring the most runs shall be considered the winner and shall receive 2 points.  The other team shall be considered the loser and shall receive zero points.
33.              If a team fails to honor the league schedule or ‘Walk-Over,’  2 points shall be awarded to the opponent team.
34.              In the event both teams score equal number of runs, the game will be considered as a tie and 1 points shall be awarded to each team.
35.              If a match is stopped, due to interruption, weather and light conditions included, before the side batting second has faced its required quota of overs (half of total overs) and it has not been all-out, nor has passed its opponent's score, the match shall be declared a 'No-Result' match. If half the allotted overs are played by the team batting 2nd, then the winner would be declared by Run Rate. The final run rate of the fielding team (batted first) will be compared with the current run rate of the batting team.
36.              If match results are not reported by 5:00 PM on Monday following the game weekend & match summary and score sheets are not reported by the winning before 5:00 PM on Wednesday, following the game weekend, 2 points shall be docked from the winning team.  The same rule applies to the losing team incase if they have maintained scores separately.  In case of delay, the captain/team rep should send an email to the yahoo groups providing the reason for delay and ETA for submitting it.
37.       It is mandatory for the batsmen to wear helmet when facing a pace or medium pace bowler. 
Final Standings
In the event two "2" or more teams finish with an equal number of points, their positions in the Division shall be decided by:
38.               net run rate will be used to seprate tied team 
39.               will used cricclub point table.
Fielding restrictions for League:
40.              During the mandatory powerplay only two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle and there must be a minimum of two stationary fielders in catching positions.
41.              During batting powerplay overs, only three fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle.
42.              There are no requirements about close catchers in a batting powerplay.
43.              When the batting team's number of overs is reduced, the number of powerplay overs shall be reduced according to the following table.
44.              The batting powerplay must be completed by 24th over. If the batting side chooses not to exercise their discretion, their powerplay overs will automatically commence at the start of the 22nd over. Please refer the table below for reduced over matches.
Powerplay calculation for League
Total Mandatory powerplay Batting powerplay Starts at Completed by
50 10 5 36 40
40 8 4 29 32
30 6 3 22 24
25 5 3 18 20
20 4 2 15 16
15 3 2 11 12
45.              No more than four fielders shall be permitted outside the fielding restriction area (the 30-yard circle) during the non-powerplay overs.
Fielding restrictions for T20:
46.              During the first six overs, a maximum of two fielders can be outside the 30-yard circle (this is known as the powerplay).
47.              After the first six overs, a maximum of five fielders can be outside the fielding circle.
Holiday Park Availability
48. Matches: HCL will have exclusive use of the field on Saturdays from mid-April through the end of September between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
49. Practices: HCL will have first priority of the Premises on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for practices.
50. Valley View Park is also an option for Cricket practices. Valley View Park is located at 225 88th Street. Priority will be given to user groups who rent their time. If  the fields are not being rented, they are open to the public on a first come, first serve basis.
51. Any use of the Premises by entities or organizations other than the HCL shall require the written consent of the Department Director if that use is not sponsored by the HCL.