Article - HCL Organization Structure
HCL Organization Structure
Viru Patel (hclwebadmin)

The HCL committee will comprise of  4/5 Executive Members (Executive Body) + 1 Voting member (HCL representative) from each team (Voting Body) + 1 Captain from each team (General Body). Captains are allowed to be representatives as well, but teams are encouraged to field a separate persons for each role. 

Executive Body

This comprises of 4 required positions and 1 optional position. President, Secretary, Treasurer & Web Admin. Optionally an additional person can be appointed for PR and other related extra curricular activities. Members of the Executive Body CANNOT also be HCL representatives for their teams. Their sole purpose is to serve the league and are expected to act strictly in the interests of the league. It is the Executive Body's responsibility to ensure that no single team or player's interests are favored during the conduct of the league. 
This year's Executive Body:

  • President: Deepak Navi 

  • Vice President : Parvath Reddy

  • Web Admin: Sriram Surapneni

  • Treasurer: Darshak Dodiya(Send your mails to

Voting Body

This comprises of one HCL rep nominated by each team. The HCL rep shall represent their teams concerns and also participate in decisions influencing the conduct of the league. 1 Vote for each team shall be counted and it is the responsibility of the HCL rep to ensure that vote is representative of its team. The HCL rep is expected to be responsive in participating in league matters and active in communicating with the team about directives from the league.  

  1. IBL : Mangesh Ambardekar 

  2. CRK: Sivaramakrishnan Sattanathan 

  3. HWK: Chaitanya Kulkarni 

  4. ISU : Deepak Navi 

  5. KCC: Sukhen Chatterjee 

  6. NEB: Lenin Bala  

  7. CVCC: Abhay Kumar


General Body

  • Captains of all teams in the league automatically form the General Body. The main purpose of this body is to expedite communications. 

  • Members of this body do not have voting rights. 


Voting Rules

- Polls will be setup using the group email feature. 

- All polls shall be open meaning that individuals and their voting choices will be displayed to the group. 

- All members of the Voting body are expected to vote within the given time frame in order for their vote to count. 

- Failure to vote within the time frame shall result in appropriate action taken against the member.  

- Once the voting is closed, the executive body will have an closed room (optional) discussion on the topic and will take a decision.

- All polls and decisions will be conducted in a timely manner.

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