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It's the FINAL week of the Iowa Cricket League’s 2016th 16 overs Hard Tennis Ball tournament Series (Gold Sponsor – QCI). 

Any active sportsman has to be very focused; you've got to be in the right frame of mind. If your energy is diverted in various directions, you do not achieve the results. I need to know when to switch on and switch off: and the rest of the things happen around that. Cricket is in the foreground, the rest is in the background.” - Sachin Tendulkar (generally named God of Cricket)

With that quote, it’s important for all of us in IowaPremier League (IPL) to respect the fairness of Game of cricket – A gentlemen’s game where we all as a community of more than 300 families are coming together and enjoying the dedicated Cricket grounds of Wilson Park and Pella Sports complex. And giving our best sportsmanship attitudes to the game, players, Umpires, teams, community and to all visitors, officials who will be coming to the ground and cherishing the moments of good sports. Remembering our motto is to play awesome cricket and have a great time during the Iowa Summer. In IPL, it’s evident to see passionate cricketers around but it’s important to realize that we are playing in a friendly community atmosphere.
As most of you are aware that we started with 15 teams competing to claim the Annual IPL 2016 T16 Champions trophy.  Finally we got our top 4 semi-finalist who will be meeting each other on Saturday and then winners will meet in Finals on Sunday. So, it is needless to say that this is going to be a great contest for the top spot and comes with a great promise for entertainment.

Come and catch some scintillating LIVE Action this Saturday and Sunday in the FINAL weekend of T16 series, a weekend of a greatly competed tournament.
What: Annual IPL T16 Hard Tennis Ball Finals
When: 11.30 am on 07/17/2016
Where: Wilson Park
9th Street West Des Moines, 50266
Semi-Finals Schedule is as:

  Date Game Toss Time Home Team
SF1 07/16/2016 Vikings vs Superstars 2.45 pm Vikings
SF2 07/16/2016 Royals vs Avengers 5.45 pm Royals

Neutral Umpires for this weekend matches will be provided by IPL-Board.

Following will be the order of the events for our Grand Finale on Sunday(07/16). Please plan accordingly.
Hope to see you all in big numbers and all IPL-Board representatives are mandatory (Pella optional) to be there at the presentation ceremony.
·   Teams reach the ground no later than 11.00am
·   Ground set up by the host team (Winner from SF2)
·   Trophies set up by Board-office
·   Both the Captains pose with the trophy, if all teams may come then a group photo of all Team Captains with Trophy
·   Teams pose for a team photo with the umpires & the sponsor (if present)
·   Toss at 11:15 am
·   Match begins at 11:30 am (Delayed start could occur for bad weather)
·   Match completion at 2:30pm
·   Presentation host introduces the presentation party and the sponsor
·   Chairman/Vice President Vote of Thanks
·   Sponsor (if present) Address
·   Advisory Board/City Officials’ (if present) Address
·   Man of the match presentation
·   Umpiring Panel rewards presentation
·   Best six umpiring gurus presentation
·   Runner's XI Medals
·   Runner's Trophy presentation and Runners Captains few words
·   Best Batsman of T16 Series
·   Best Bowler of T16 Series 
·   Player of the T16 Series
·   Winner's XI Medals
-   Winners Captains few words
-   Winner's Trophy (Sponsored by QCI) presentation 
Join us and have a fun weekend of cricket.


We all welcome QCI for their support to IPL and promoting game of cricket to the community.

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Looking forward to see you there.
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