2016 Labor Day Super SIxes
Series Details:
Series 2016 Labor Day Super SIxes
Start Date 09/05/2016
Ball Type Other
Series Type Ten10
Winner Cardinals
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As Labor day weekend is a rest period in IPL but still there are cricket players who want to enjoy playing cricket. So, a shorter format cricket being organized as one day event on Labor day Sept 5th Monday.
It's a Six-aside tournament. ​Six-aside Cricket is a very short form of the sport designed to be played by teams of only six players. Each team receives one innings, with a maximum of only five overs. Naturally, with far fewer fielders, runs are much easier to score, and sixes matches are typically frenetic affairs. As the games last less than an hour, sixes cricket is typically played in a tournament format with multiple teams competing at the same ground.