Iowacity Cricket League 2019
Series Details:
Series Iowacity Cricket League 2019
Start Date 08/23/2019
Ball Type Hard Tennis Ball
Series Type Ten10
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Welcome to Iowacity Cricket League 
This tournament will played in iowa city UI rugby grounds with hard tennis ball. 

1. Each league game will be 12 overs. 
2. Final game will be played 15 overs. 
3. In league games only 2 bowlers can bowl max 3 overs. 
4. In final max 3 overs a bowler can bowl. 
5. No lbw and leg byes. 
6. Extras will be counted for wides, byes , over throws. 
7. Any no ball will have free hit. 
8. No field restrictions for 30 yards circle only max 6 players allowed on one side. 
9. In case of rain or things reserve day will be used. I'd that also doesn't work each team will get 1 point each. 
10. Water and Gatorade will be provided by league. 
11. Tennis balls and kit available for each games. 
12. Each innings will be with new ball. 
13. Boundary line will be shorter than regular cricket rules. 
14. Top teams will be decided with NRR incase of equal points. 
15. If scores are tied in Final, super overs will be used (until match decides 😀) 
16. Only player who play in regular season games are eligible to play eliminator, semis and finals. 

Tournament fee is $110 

Winner trophy 
Runner up trophy 
Best Batsman 
Best Bowler 
Best Fielder 
Individual medals for each team member of final teams.