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Mid-season Financial update - LIPL Cricket

Kamal Singh

Mid-season Financial update - LIPL Cricket

Hi all!
We try to be as transparent we can on the financials. This year has been a huge drain on our financials and I want to clearly communicate that we are not a money making league. Our goal is to provide you with the best of the facilities we can provide but we expect all of you to assume responsibility to take care of the League equipment.  We have already lost two mattings this year. I think we also lost our hand-truck this past week. Many cones and stumps are missing too.  PLEASE ensure that if you see any equipment out on the field, try to put it back in the storage shed. 

See attached schedule of finances and I wanted to ask the teams if they can pitch in any additional fees. Some teams have offered to make additional contributions and suggested that we should ask teams to pay more. However, I will leave it completely voluntary.  If anyone can find any sponsors please let me know.  

Special thanks to Mehul Patel and Anubhav Chopra for their generous donations. I also want to Thanks Sanjeev Rahull @ for providing the equipment at much lower cost that he usually sells it to others. 

Facebook Live: We occasionally post the feeds on Facebook Live and I encourage others to do the same and tagging LIPL Cricket on their feeds. That being said, we should also behave appropriately at all times. The kids and families can be watching the game at any time. Please refrain from cursing and excessive aggression on and off the field.  

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