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Vipers Claims Spring 2017

Kamal Singh

Vipers Claims Spring 2017

Congratulations to all the teams for a successful campaign for Spring 2017.  Please join me in congratulating a new winner of Spring Cup,  Vipers.  Vipers joined LIPL in 2016 and quickly marched to the top of the tables to claim the title.  Wasiq Ali lead the Top performer chart for his team.  Keep up the good work!
Moguls, Hawks, and Bulls kept the competition alive until the very end.  There were many great performances and quite a few games went down as nail biters.

I hope you all enjoyed the Spring Cup and ready to reset the table for Summer 2017.  Please note few key points for Summer Cup.
  1. Umpire is always right.  Main umpire can overrule the square leg umpire at any point, even for run outs.
  2. We are adding 2 more new teams Devils and Eagles.  Please give them a warm welcome! J
  3. All games will be T20 games.
  4. The times posted on the Schedule are GAME START TIMES. Teams are expected to be ready to spin the toss 30 minutes prior to the start time.  The teams will automatically lose the toss if they are not ready for a toss 30 minutes prior.  Overs will also be deducted for extereme delays.
  5. HELMETS ARE REQIRED (No Exceptions)
  6. Each team is expected to bowl their 20 overs quota in 1 hour and 15 minutes.  There will be 10 minutes innings break.
All teams are requested to keep extra flags, stumps, nails as a back-up.

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