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All LIPL Members must read! IMPORTANT

Kamal Singh

All LIPL Members must read!  IMPORTANT

iPhone for you!
I noticed yesterday is that despite all the warnings, the teams are driving their cars on to the field. Yesterday, a red sedan ran over a kit bag. The kit bag had an iPhone 7 in the side pocket and was completely crushed. Whoever drove that car (or the team) needs to compensate for the phone.  Please accept the responsiblity and come forward with a replacement phone.

Match Delays
All games started late yesterday. That is unacceptable.   Two games were late due to umpires being late.  Both those umpires will be suspended for the rest of the month.  This is what a league can do for you. 

Third game started late because the opponent team arrived late.  I will instruct the umpires to start deducting the overs.  A team has to arrive on time, this is what a league expects the teams to do. 

Helmets required:

I still notice many batsmen playing without a helmet.  Helmets are required for all batsmen.  It is not a personal choice, it is a liablity issue for the league. If a batsman wants to bat without a helmet, please present your insurance documents to the league. 

Unneccesary arguments:
We are a family friendly league. Please maintain a family friendly environment at all times. We all have our differences but they should never translate into sore relationships.  Play the sport, thats what you are here for.  Learn how to get along with each other and appreciate it. 

Team and Player Suspensions:
By now, you all must have taken notice that LIPL is different. We are not here to make money, therefore we are not here to entertain the teams.  In past, we have suspended players as well as teams.  LIPL tries to provide the best environment for the teams to come and enjoy the sport.  WE NEED YOUR HELP! All captains MUST ensure that the members meet league expectations or face consequences. PLEASE HELP!

Captains and team managers:
Please ensure that all your team members have read this message.  Share it on your team groups.

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