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Weekend Update from 7/29 weekend

Kamal Singh

Weekend Update from 7/29 weekend

Hi all!

The most interesting game was perhaps Bulls vs Hawks where Bulls chased down a steep target of 230 runs in 20 overs.  The star of the game was our very own Nitin Dangodra who scored a 129 runs in 56 balls.

Umpire Danny got hurt as a ball hit him on his nose. Luckily he is doing well and there is no fracture.  In another incident, a helmet broke when a bouncer hit batsman's head.  Luckily the helmet was ON. I keep seeing many players playing without helmets.  Please do not proceed the game if a batsman is not wearing a helmet.  I will instruct the umpires to strictly enforce this rule. 

Kudos to Nurdlers:  Last week was a delayed start due to rain.  However, I want to give a shout out to Nurdlers who first uninstalled a wet matting from the field, picked up a matting from central shed and installed it within minutes and got the game started right away.  Hats off to you guys! I hope all the teams take note.

Starting on time is still an issue:  Last week was delayed due to rain but I do not want to see the delays this time around.  All umpires will be stricktly instructed to deduct overs and forfiet the toss if there are any delays. 

Umpiring Fees:  There has been a bit of confusion on the fees.  All umpires who do the scoring on the phone while umpiring are going to get $50 per inning.  All other umpires are going to get $40 per inning. 

LIPL Rules exception:
a) Non Striker runout without warning in bowling stride is NOT ALLOWED in LIPL.  I know it is now allowed in international cricket but it is not a rule in LIPL. Last week, a Vipers batsman was run out in this fashion and I feel that is little rough. 
b) Field ristriction no-ball requires a warning to the bowling team and only the main umpire can call it. Since we do not have clear 30 yard circles, we are not going to call a noball for it.  An objecting team can only request the fielders to be brought in before the ball is bowled.  
c) The main umpire can always override any decision made by the square leg umpire, including no-balls for height and run outs. Yes, including Run outs. 

I hope this is a great weekend of cricket. Enjoy!!!!!!

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