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Weekend update. August 5th

Kamal Singh

Weekend update. August 5th

What a weekend of Cricket! 

All games were quite exciting. To start of LI Kings were blown away by Bulls for just 79 runs but they ripped into Bulls batting and only lost by 3 wickets. Moguls were almost out of the game and Tony hit a last ball 6 to win it for Moguls. Noory brothers pulled of an amazing win against Hawks. But wait, it gets better, Thunder Eagles needed 14 off last 3 balls. The scorecard for last over was dot, 2, 2, 1, 1Wd, 6, and 6, making it a second TIE in two weeks. 

Scoring on the app:
Please note that if any team is using a different player that is not listed on the app, make sure they update it.  Teams will not be able to register any new players starting Septemeber.  If I see a wrong name on the scorecards, I am simply going to update it to "Guest player".  That means the "Guest Player" will not be able to qualify for the Playoffs.  For example, I will be updating Binder for Hawks, Umar Alizai for Bulls, and Shrey Patel for Mustangs to Guest for couple of recent games I saw.  Please update these names on your own before I start updating them.

Umpire is always right:
Please note, that the umpire is always right.  you are free to fill out the umpire evaluation form after the end of the game.  You are not allowed to create unneccessary argument or scene on the field.

Rain Delays:  We understand that rain causes delays every once in a while. However, teams need to show up on time and be prepared to start the game. Zahid Ali from Moguls was on the field and installing the matting while many of you were asking me if the game was still on.  Going forward, if there is a rain delay for the AM games, the overs will be reduced so the PM games can start as scheduled. 

Matting and materials: Matting, nails, hammers and stumps must always go back to the shed or the box. Do not bring any of those items towards the pavilions area. We noticed that once these items cross the pitch, they never go back to the other side. 

Are Helmets required? If your or anyone on your team still does not know the answer to this question, please do not call me. :-)


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