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Weekend Update! August 12th 2017

Kamal Singh

Weekend Update! August 12th 2017

Another good weekend of cricket!

Thunder Eagles beat LIUCC and Falcons beat Nurdlers in a very close game.  The game of the week was probably Devils vs Mustangs.  Top two teams put a very good contest and Devils made sure they hold on to the #1 spot.  Great game!!

Thanks to Biju Mathew Philip of Bulls for contacting the Parks Department and submitting a written complaint about the Porter Potty.  The Parks Dept. acted on it promptly.  

Helmets required:  
Guys! Please be safe and wear the helmets. I made Mehul Patel wear a helmet.  As you know Mehul is the one who has shouldered the financial resposnisibility of the league, I still made him wear the helmet and he obliged.  Captains, please make sure your team members play with the helmet on. 

Do not drive on the field:
I still notice people driving cars on the field.  Captains, please make sure you tell your players not to do so. 

Umpire Evaluation form
Please save this link as a favorite and submit your feedback on regular basis.

Blackout on August 19th @Hecksher State Park
We may have some games scheduled in Brentwood. However most other teams are expected to be off for August 19th weekend. I would prefer to schedule the games for the teams who are behind on their number of games.  Schedule will be posted by the end of the day Tuesday August 15th. 

Thank you all!. 

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