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Last week before Playoffs

Kamal Singh

Last week before Playoffs

Hi all!
As you all know, this is a last week before play offs.  The top 2 teams will go to Semi finals directly.  The next 4 will play Quarter finals on Sept 16th.
Semi finals and final will be played on the same day Sept 23rd. 

Here are some quick ground rules that apply to all teams. 
- Umpire is always right.
- No more new players. 
- For Play offs, you can only have players who have played atleast 50% of the games.
- Helmets: I keep asking teams to mandate helmets. Seems like many players have issues following that rule. Therefore, I will eliminate that rule for now. 
- No balls:  Any field restriction related no-ball will not be a no ball.  If the ball has been bowled, the batting side has the right to call it a dead ball.  If you see the field restrictions are not being followed, let the fielding team know to bring the players in before the ball is bowled. 
- Square Leg umpires decisions can be overruled by the main umpire. 
- The boundry is a straight line between the two flags, there is no imaginary arcs, and there trees are not part of the boundry flags. 

Gentlemen, please enjoy the game. It is not a World cup. All of you are grown sensible adults and in my eyes, you are all champions. 

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