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LIPL 2018 Cricket Season Financials

Kamal Singh

LIPL 2018 Cricket Season Financials

Hello LIPL family!
Happy New Year! I hope everyone is staying warm and is also getting excited about LIPL 2018. I hope most of you have fond memories from LIPL 2017 season. I have few that I really cherish and some that deeply disappointed me.

Good memories are plentiful! Crickets of all skill level and age enjoyed the sport and it was great to see families coming out to the field to see the games. Many records were broken last year. Many youngsters displayed their talent. Many veterans showed that they still got it in them. All these aligned with the original vision of the league. It is important to highlight the mission statement one more time.

LIPL Mission Statement:
"Our goal is to provide the opportunity, environment, and facilities to people of all ages and abilities to play cricket. We are particularly focused on providinga family environment, cultural activities, and develop youth. We believe in competitive cricket, played in the true spirit of the game."

As proud as I feel about LIPL and its accomplishments, there are few moments of regret. The success of LIPL comes at a personal sacrifice of a handful of people. Some players have ridiculous expectations from the leadership team. That is one of the reasons, I am looking for other members to take over some responsiblities.

I can no longer afford to pay for the league out of my pocket and still be expected to please all members. Captains need to step up and manage their teams on their own. The teams should only participate in LIPL 2018 if they abide by the rules and regulations set by the league. The league fee will also increase from $1200 to $1500 and it will not include the cost of cricket balls or material.

There are few outstanding items from the prior season as well.
- Thunder Hawks, if they choose to participate will have to pay an additional $200 for no show on one of the games.
-Lions will still owe $500 to Mohsin whose iPhone was crushed last year.
- Nurdlers or any member of the team can not participate in the league until they pay off the prior balance of $950 + the late fee of $250 from FY17.
- Waqas Ashiq in not allowed to participate in any league games for 2018 until there is a formal apology for his behavior in the final game.

League fees due date: Jan 31 2018.
Please provide a $500 commitment amount by Jan 31st 2018.
Teams contacting me prior to Jan 31st will get the scheduling preference of AM or PM games.
Any teams contacting me after Jan 31st may not get a guaranteed spot in the league.

Looking forward to another great season of the sport we love!


Kamal Saini

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