Judiciary Findings
Judiciary Findings
After carefully examining evidences and talking to the concerned people, the judiciary comes to the following conclusion.

It is  a clear oversight from Smashers perspective with no intention of gaining any unfair advantage from it. The results of all the Smasher's games remain valid and will not be overturned. 

The judiciary would like to pass the following penalties to the concerned people.

1.  Irfan and Manish would be considered as the main players for Smashers (2018 season).  They should not be allowed to represent Hustlers for this particular season from the date of this ruling. 
2. Irfan and Manish should do volunteer(unpaid) umpiring for a 30/30 game each before the end of the season. (Irfan and Manish to send out the days they would be available to do umpiring within 2 weeks of this notice. Due date to send their dates is july 28th 2018. )

Thank you 
Judiciary Committee.