Committee Members Contact Roles/Responsibilities
  1. Hyder Gowher
  2. Nitin Patlola (Chairman)
  3. Govardhan Gayam
  • Make decisions based on defined rules in latest standing rules passed by BoDs
  • Provide unbiased verdict on each violation by discussing internally
  • Work with and help match secretaries wherever possible
  • Suggest any necessary rule changes to rules committee when any ambiguities are found
  1. Sunny Singh
  2. Nirav Shah
  3. Shantanu Divekar (Chairman) 
  • Come up with selection guidelines to set the bar for representative team for U19/U17 and Adult
  • Announce Selection Trials and asses’ skills of various players
  • Announce a squad for NCCA representative team
  • Appoint a captain and vice-captain for each of the tournament
  1. Pranay Suri
  2. Shantanu Divekar
  3. Govardhan Gayam (Chairman)
  • Keep Standing Rules document up-to-date based on latest approved rules by BoDs
  • Provide interpretation to rules when there are some grey areas or confusions with the verbiage on rule
  • Propose new rules or revised rules for approval to BoDs based on lessons learned or loopholes found in existing rules
  1. Barry Manogaran  (Chairman)
  2. Krish Murthy 
  3. Ganesh Prasad
  4. Aravind Subramanian
  5. Ravisankar
  • Conduct seminars and proctor exams to provide members a chance to certify
  • Train via seminars plus on-field assessments to make umpires better
  • Increase panel headcount to cover 10-12 games for weekend
  1. Karthik Rayala
  2. Pavan Vedere
  3. Barinder Ahluwalia (Chairman)
  • Help new clubs/teams in procuring grounds via providing materials to present to city/school
  • Routinely inspect grounds and suggest improvements to be made to clubs
  • Scout for new ground prospects
Cricket Operations
  1. Ganesh Sanap (Chairman)
  2. Biju Nair
  3. Anuj Patel
  4. Rajendra Badadare
  5. Barinder Ahluwalia
  • Announce and Organize Tournaments
  • Take care of scheduling, umpiring assignments, awards distribution
  • Actively look for sponsorship opportunities
  • Prepare NCCA Senior representative Teams for tournaments
  • Build NCCA U17/U19 representative team through NCCA Youth league and prepare for tournaments
  • Build opportunism for NCCA teams to get better coaching opportunities by specialized coaches
  1. Anuj Patel
  2. Govardhan Gayam
  3. Deval Patel (Chairman)
  • Work with treasurer and publish quarterly reports on financial standings
  • Keep treasurer and Execs in check to adhere to budget guidelines
  • If needed extra budget, this committee will work as a liaison between BoDs and Execs
  • Review NCCA's finances
  • Make sure all financial reports and tax filings are done properly and on time
  1. Hyder Gowher
  2. Sreekar Yellapragada
  3. Prakash Giri (Chairman)
  • Assist in getting new website set up based on budget
  • Handle social media for communications and events publishing
  • Assist in getting all old stats in one place
  1. Sridhar Reddi (Chairman)
  2. Dilip Tummala
  3. Deval Patel
  • Come up with disciplinary guidelines to set the bar
  • Link up with other leagues in region to align on disciplinary standards and any ban on players to extend out to all leagues
  • Enforce disciplinary standards and use same yardstick to measure each player/official
  • Provide unbiased verdicts on any reported disciplinary issues
  • Disciplinary committee verdicts will be "FINAL" and no appeals will be allowed
  1. Ramesh Immadi
  2. Prakash Giri
  3. Girish Das
  4. Vijay Chukka (Chairman)
  5. Virendra Swar
  • First objective of this committee would be to work with NCCA Community to establish amendments in the constitution to add provision for Youth league during next NCCA AGM.
  • These amendments shall give provision for building Youth League Constitution and Standing Rules which will go through similar ratifications/ discussion /approval like we do in NCCA Adult league.
  • Once such provision is done, this youth committee will have the following responsibilities and sub committees
  • Youth league constitution (which consists many things like league structure, new team adoption – similar items you see in adult constitution but relevant to youth 
  • Playing condition (slightly modified/updated version of current youth league rules)
  • Formulation match secretaries for scheduling future editions of youth league
  • Formulation Ground committee -> to work with larger NCCA pool of ground owners to get ground for games for U15 and upper age group
  • This committee shall make this youth league fully repeatable and scalable body