• TOMORROW (3/14/18 @5pm) is the deadline for PRIMARY LEAGUE (40overs) transfers for 2018. If anyone still needs to submit a transfer request, please follow the proper transfer guidelines. Instructions and the updated list as of today can be found under "LEAGUE>DOCUMENTS".  

  • The following messag for Asif with M&M always, Asifbhai has done a great job with providing wonderful trophies for our league and also taking some amazing pictures during the banquet. On behalf of EC and the entire league, thank you for your hard work.

    Congratulation, You people did again great job in planning and executing the 2018 Banquet, it was a beautiful event, Everything just seems to be perfect!
    Everyone enjoyed the delicious Dinner as well as the venue
    Here is the link for pictures:
    Warmest regards, Asif

  • Transfers for 2018 recieved as of today has been approved and processed. The document has been uploaded (LEAGUE>DOCUMENTS). 
  • TEAMS please check your games and umpiring assignments for week 1.  There have been few changes made to the schedule.

  • Exciting news from Ayaz Sheikh of UNITED CC...Congratulation to Rabia on behalf of EC and entire NTCA community!!! We are very proud of you and wish you the best of success.

    It is with great joy that I share an exciting news that our own Rabia Rashid (Bilal Lodhi's wife) has been selected on USA Women's National Team to tour Australia later this month. This is the first ever USA women team to tour Australia.
  • The Primary League Shedule for 2018 PHASE I (Premier,A,and B) has been uploaded to cricclubs. We ask all teams to go through the schedule as well as umpiring assignnments and if there are any errors, then please send an email to  On behalf of EC and the entire league, I want to give kuddos to the Scheduling Committee (Anil,Ravi,Fuzail,Venkat,Abhay) for their great work. They have put in lot of hours to have the complete schedule for Phase I realeased on time.

    Also a reminder to everyone about our annual banquet on Saturday 3/3/18 @6pm.  See below for location info. 
  • Clubs,
    attached is the results of the umpiring seminar held on Sunday 2/25/18.  We want to thank Anwer Shahabuddin and the rest of the umpiring committee for their tremendous work. They put in a lot of hours to ensure that our league has the highest standards of umpiring across the whole country. 



    NTCA - Umpiring Seminar Level 1 - Results - February 25, 2018
    # Name Club Grade Status
    12 Balaji Ramachandran Colonials S CC Pass Final
    2 Jatinkumar Lad Colonials S CC Pass Final
    1 Rajkumar Dhiman Colonials S CC Pass Final
    26 Omkar Main Dallas Cruisers CC Pass Final
    27 Rajvinder Grewal Dallas Cruisers CC Pass Final
    48 Sudeep Singh Dallas Cruisers CC Pass Final
    28 Ubaid Rehman Dallas Cruisers CC Pass Final
    13 Bhardwaj Venkateswaran DCCC Pass Final
    3 Ishaan Grewal DCCC Pass Final
    37 Sandeep Varma Rudraraju Eagles CC Pass Final
    35 Ankur Patel Falcons CC Pass Final
    22 Imran Shafiq Falcons CC Pass Final
    34 Jagadeesh Duvvuru Falcons CC Pass Final
    36 Pranav Modi Falcons CC Pass Final
    23 Rahil Durvesh Falcons CC Pass Final
    29 Ruvail Shehzad Falcons CC Pass Final
    30 Shah Bilawal Falcons CC Pass Final
    52 Omar Mir Internationals CC Pass Final
    19 Chandra Sivanathan Irving CC Pass Final
    14 Narayanan Kutty Nair Irving CC Pass Final
    10 Prasanna Bharatan Irving CC Pass Final
    6 Sandeep Ramesh Irving CC Pass Final
    7 Satish Sambasivam Irving CC Pass Final
    21 Shasti Vishak Umashankar Irving CC Pass Final
    24 Venugopal Velusamy Irving CC Pass Final
    20 Kishore Govada Lanka Colts CC Pass Final
    47 Rajesh Adari Lanka Colts CC Pass Final
    31 Mayank Patel Metroplex CC Pass Final
    5 Sarath Kamireddy NDCC Royals Pass Final
    49 Lio Mathew Nortex CC Pass Final
    8 Rajendran Kumar Nortex CC Pass Final
    32 Sanal Pazhayaveettil Nortex CC Pass Final
    51 Sandeep Govindan Nortex CC Pass Final
    4 Sandeep Govindaraj Nortex CC Pass Final
    33 Satish Narayanan Nortex CC Pass Final
    9 Sivaprasad Venkat Nortex CC Pass Final
    38 Achuyuth Reddy Minnamareddy Plano CC Pass Final
    39 Ashwin Kannan Plano CC Pass Final
    43 Bharadwaj Kasinadhuni Plano CC Pass Final
    50 Chaitanya Dasika Plano CC Pass Final
    40 Chaitanya Sagam Plano CC Pass Final
    11 Rushvendra Chandrasekar Plano CC Pass Final
    44 Sai Praveen Posani Plano CC Pass Final
    45 Teja Pathour Plano CC Pass Final
    41 Udattej Reddy Pannathota Plano CC Pass Final
    15 Baswant Rao Strikers CC Pass Final
    42 Dhirish Parthasarathy Strikers CC Pass Final
    46 Karthik Kumarasubramanian Strikers CC Pass Final
    16 Prasanna Venkatesh Sridhar Strikers CC Pass Final
    17 Saai Sanjay Swaminathan Strikers CC Pass Final
    25 Srihari Chandramouli Strikers CC Pass Final
    18 Suraj Shaymasunder Strikers CC Pass Final

    We are having an umpiring seminar on Sunday 2/25/18 - 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at location below. It will be $20 per person collected on site. It includes lunch at the restaurant. Please send us an email to  with the number of attendees from each club by Wednesday, 2/21/18 . We do not need the names, just the total number so we can prepare accordingly. 

    Address2640 Old Denton Rd #120, Carrollton, TX 75007
    Phone(972) 971-2206
    The banquet hall is on the 2nd floor, right above the restaurant & it has a separate entrance and stair leading to it
    Timing: 9:00 AM
    Date:                February 25, 2018 (Sunday)   
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