• The following email has been sent to all clubs....

    Hello everyone,
    as we come to the conclusion of the 2018 season, most of us are ready for a break but some of us are ready to brave the temperatures and continue playing cricket:).....for those that fall into the latter category, we are excited to announce the details of the 2018 winter cup tournament. 

    As in the past, all NTCA committees that have worked hard throughout the year will be taking a break and handing off ALL responsibilities of the winter cup to the WinterCup Committee. This year the committee will be made up of Harish Krishnakumar(EaglesCC), Phartheeb Vandayar(Strikers CC), Vamsi Gunuganti(Nortex), and Sanjat Das(TCC). Ravi Govin will serve as the consultant and provide guidance as needed.

    Please send all communication regarding 2018 winter cup to the following email address

    Below are the details.
    1. Format - T20
    2. Max. Number of teams – 24  
    3. Grounds - NTCA has a limitation on available grounds.  Games will be scheduled at Neutral venues based on availability.  
    4. One team per club.  2nd team from same club allowed if vacant slot exists.
    5.   Winter Cup 2018-19 start date - 12/15/2018.  Games will be played on both Saturdays and Sundays, AM and PM subject to ground availability

    Tournament Registration
    1. Deadline for Registration is 12/9/2018.  Tournament limited to 24 teams.  Winter Cup committee will close registrations immediately.
    2. Teams with home ground will pay $100
    3. Teams without home ground pay $200
    4. Tournament Registration Fees are due to the league prior to start of the tournament. 
    5. The fee is payable to the NTCA Treasurer by 12/12/2018 5:00 PM.  Please send an email with a screenshot or photo of the bank receipt as confirmation of payment to and NTCA treasurer (Harris Sayed).
    6. Payment can be made as follows:
    Chase Account pay by Email –
    Chase Pay by phone – 940-595-1007
    Chase Account # - 1568855512

    Routing Number - 111000614
    •  Please add comment along with payment.  Ex:  “Winter Cup 2018-19 Fees – Team name”

    Please register your teams and provide the following information at time of registration.

    1. Club and Team Name
    2. Team Primary and Secondary Contact (Full Name / Email IDs / Phone #)
    3.  Ground Availability - Y/N (include home ground name)
    4.  Is Ground available for scheduling Neutral games? (Y/N)

    If the ground is partially available, please provide the available dates between Dec 15 - 3rd Week of Feb.

  • The following email has been sent to all clubs...

    The 2018 AGM will be held at FOUR POINTS SHERATON (1580 point west blvd, coppell, tx ) on Saturday, December 8, 2018 from 10am to 12pm.  We encourage all clubs to attend by sending as many members are possible. Elections will be held as well (if necessary) and eligible clubs must be present to vote.  The agenda is as follows:
    1. Welcome Speech by NTCA President Lovkesh Kalia

    2. Report of year 2017 and 2018 NTCA performance and status
    3. Financial Report presented by NTCA Treasurer Harris Sayed
    4. Vote on Full-time membership for new clubs (NDCC and FCA)
    5. Welcome speech by Election Committee
    6. Election Committee take over proceedings
    7. Presentation of new EC for 2019&2020 season
    8. General discussion/ Q&A with new EC

    If you have any questions please send an email to

    Thank you

  • The following communication has been sent to all clubs by the election committee....

    Dear PCOs and SCOs,

    Sunday November 11th, 2018

    Invitation for Nomination of the Executive Committee, North Texas Cricket Association

    On behalf of the Election Committee, appointed under the stipulations of Article 11.1 of the Constitution of the North Texas Cricket Association (henceforth NTCA), we invite nominations for election to the following Offices: 

    General Secretary 
    Joint Secretary 

    The above positions shall be elected in the General Elections, the concluding item on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting, to be held on Saturday December 8th, 2018.  

    AGM Location to be announced by the NTCA EC.


    Nominations must be filed on the Candidate Nomination Form, provided for this purpose, by the Election Committee.

    All nominations must be proposed by a Full Member and be seconded by another Full Member who must not have proposed or seconded another person, for the same position.

    The deadline for receiving nominations is November 25th, 2018 by 11:59 PM CST.


    The candidate should complete the Candidate Nomination Form which is downloaded from (From Home Page, select tab League, select Documents, select 2018 NTCA Candidate Nomination Form).

    The form should be completed in its entirety by the candidate and emailed to the Election Committee at  Sending the form from the candidates email account will satisfy "electronically signed" requirement.

    Both the Proposer and Seconder of the candidate must email the Election Committee at to confirm their support of the candidate's nomination, stating the name of the candidate and the Office for which the candidate is nominated.


    The information provided on the form (email and telephone numbers) will be used by the Election Committee to validate the nomination.


    The Election Committee shall verify the validity of each nomination in light of the constitution. Validation is conducted for Full Membership, Good Standing and conformity with other stipulations of the constitution. For a complete description refer to Article 11 of the NTCA Constitution.

    The final nominations shall be posted on on November 26th, 2018.

    The Election Committee shall handle and supervise the entire election process as described in Article 11 of the NTCA Constitution.

    Voting Procedures

    Voting shall take place at the NTCA Annual General Meeting on Saturday December 8th  2018

    - The names of the candidates will be announced in the AGM.
    - Voting shall be by Secret Ballot of the members present.
    - No proxy for an absent member shall be permitted.
    - Tied voting is covered under Article 11.7 of the NTCA Constitution.
    - For a complete description of the Electoral Process, refer to Article 11 of the NTCA Constitution.

    NTCA 2018 Election Committee
    Naveen Peiris/Arun Vitalla
    Following email has been sent to all clubs.....
    All Open T-20 teams
    As a result of all the rain we have had in the past month majority of Open T-20 games have ended up in N/R. The EC has had numerous Open T-20 2 teams approaching us to share their opinions about the situation and the fairness to all teams who have entered the tournament with many of them playing only 1 out of their 5 games that were scheduled.
    The EC has discussed this issue and unanimously decided to change the tournament format as stated below. We have tried to be fair to all teams, the teams that are topping the pool as well teams that have not played more than one game.
    We also had to take in to account the shortage of ground availability we are facing at this time of the year. Hence, taking all these factors in to consideration the EC has decided on the below change in tournament format:
    Top 4 teams (Rankings Image attached) will automatically qualify for Quarterfinals.
    The top 4 teams are:
    1. PCC Sloggers
    2. Inzi 329
    3. DCC T20
    4. NDCC JPC
    The next 16 teams will also be ranked 5 to 20 and will play 2 rounds of knockout between themselves. 
    1st knockout round - 8 teams out of the 16 qualify (They maintain their rank given above) for 2nd knockout round
    2nd knockout round - 4 teams out of the 8 qualify for Quarterfinals (New ranking will be given 5 to 8)
    Quarterfinal - 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 & 4 vs 5 ranks (1 to 4 and 5 to 8 rankings will be maintained henceforth)
    Semifinal - 4 teams from quarterfinal
    Finals - 2 teams from Semifinals

    Schedule has been uploaded to cricclubs. 
    Please Note: Due to limited ground availability teams playing each other might end up playing at neutral venues or may have to play back to back.
  • 2018 NTCA OPEN T-20 2 schedule has been uploaded. Teams please verify all your players are available on your roster. 
  • Clubs,
    Due to the overwhelming request from teams, EC has decided to change the start time of Legacy T20 games to 8:30am. This change will be effective starting with this weekends games(7/20/18). This is only for the morning games. The evening games will remain at 7pm start time. 

    We also want to encourage the captains and the umpires to start the games on time and if teams are not present; then enforce penalties per the by-laws.

    Thank you
  • 2018 NTCA LEGACY T-20

    Teams, the tournament starts this Friday, July 6, 2018. The full schedule is uploaded so please be aware of your games and umpiring assignments. Also make sure your team rosters are correct and up to date. If you have any questions, please send an email to

    PLEASE CHECK CRICCLUBS FOR UPDATED SCHEDULES. 3/18 games (week 2) has been rescheduled for 6/23 weekend. Please make sure to verify your games and umpiring assignments. 
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