News - Northwest T20 Tournament 2017: Aug 19-Oct 1
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Northwest T20 Tournament 2017: Aug 19-Oct 1

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Northwest T20 Tournament 2017: Aug 19-Oct 1

Tournament Schedule: Starts Aug 19. Those teams playing 40 over playoffs will not be scheduled any games on this weekend.  Finals : Oct 1.

4 groups of 8 teams each.  Each team plays 7 games within the group. 

Top 2 teams from each group qualify for QF.  The rankings of the top 8 teams will be based on their group performances. First, Average points per game and then run-rates will be used to decide the leaders after the group stages.

After all the entries are received, the groups are just divided based on lottery.  Teams 1-8 will be group 1, 9-16 group 2, 17-24 group 3, 25-32 group 4.  Remember these are not divisions.

Anyone can register a team. No allegiance to a club or team is required. The first 32 entries will be taken.

Deadline for receiving entries: July 24,2017.

Players can play for any team, they do not need to be from a certain club.  

Each player can represent only 1 team during the entire tournament.

Each team can only have a 18 member roster. Rosters are locked on Day 1 of the tournament.

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