New York Bangladeshi Cricket League (NYBCL)
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  1. Morning games will start at 8:30 AM and afternoon games will start 1:30 PM. Toss must happen 15 minutes before the game starts (8:15 AM & 1:15 PM).
       2. Every team must play both morning and afternoon games.  

       3. All the games will be on 30 overs format, and each side will have 2 hours and 20 minutes to finish their inning. If a team fails to do so within the allotted time, the team                       captain will receive demerit points.  

       4. A team must have at least 7 players present at the ground wearing proper jerseys before the toss. If for any reason a team has less than 7 players present at the ground,                 umpire will not call the teams for toss.  

       5. Players list must be given to the umpires before the toss.  

       6. One over will be deducted for every 5 minutes late. If both teams are late then umpire will reduce over for the game according to the actual start time of the game.  

       7. Players must wear proper league jersey, NO EXCEPTIONS. If a team loses 3 demerit points for not wearing proper jersey, captain and the individual will be suspended for               next immediate match (including Playoffs).  

       8. A team can register up to 20 players maximum until the set deadline.  

       9. Premier Division: A player outside of the Tri-state area will have to play at least 5 matches in order to be eligible to take part in the Playoffs. A player within the Tri-state area             will have to play at least 3 matches in order to be eligible to take part in the Playoffs. Rain affected games will not be counted towards the required matches.  

      10. First Division: A player outside of the Tri-state area will have to play at least 3 matches in order to be eligible to take part in the Playoffs. A player within the Tri-state area                  will have to play at least 2 matches in order to be eligible to take part in the Playoffs.  

      11. During powerplay, only 2 players can field outside the circle. After the powerplay, 5 players can field outside of the circle.  

      12. If the fielding side has 10 players, then only ONE player can stay outside of the circle during powerplay. If the fielding team has 9-7 players present, then NO player can be                outside of the circle during powerplay.

      13. Restriction on delays of Best XI players being present in the ground -
            a - Team Fielding first: a Best XI player is eligible to bowl if he arrives within the first 6 overs of the inning. Otherwise, he has to wait until the number of overs that have                          lapsed (in addition) before coming on to bowl. For example: If a Best XI player comes into field during 7.5 overs, he has to wait until 16 overs are completed. He can                          bowl from the 17th over.
            b - In the case of a Best XI player not taking the field throughout the 30 overs while fielding, that player is not eligible to participate in that game any further. In other words,                     he is not allowed to bat while chasing. The substitute is also not allowed to bat either.
            c - Team Batting first: a Best XI player coming late is not affected in his team batting line up. However, if he is late and does not show up at the fall of the 9th wicket, that                       should be the end of the team batting inning.
            d - The late player can still take the field while defending the target.
      14. During an ongoing game, umpire decisions are final. Both teams have to resume the game within 5 minutes. If game doesn’t resume within 5 minutes, every minute after                  that will have 1 over deducted from the batting innings of team that is delaying the match. (e.g., disputing umpire decision, arguing amongst players, sledging)

       15. During an ongoing game, as per umpire’s observation, any intentional delays by any player will result in:              
             a - 1 run deducted per one minute from the responsible team if batting.              
             b - 1 run penalty awarded per one minute to the batting team if the party   responsible is bowling.

       16. After investigation, if any player is found misbehaving with umpires -
             a - First offense: player will be suspended for next immediate match (Including Playoffs) if found guilty. 1st game of next season if found guilty in a Final.
             b - Second offense: the same player will be suspended for the whole season if found guilty again.

       17. Rainout and delayed games will be posted on NYBCL Facebook page and league website. Also, league management will decide how many overs the game will be if the                   fields are in playable condition. 

       18. For Premier Division, only the third rain washout game of any team will be eligible for a reserve day. Any washouts before that will result in points split. For First Division,                   the second rain washout game will be eligible for a reserve day.  

       19. Each team must do their own scoring through either paper or digital scorebook depending on the field. If the team does paper scorebook, they must take pictures at the                     end of the game so they can update scores on the website.  

       20. If two teams have equal points, league management will decide which team progresses to the next round by calculating Net Run Rate.  

       21. Absolutely NO chucking or ball tampering allowed. First offense will be a warning, and second offense will result in a ban from bowling during the season.
       22. Only team manager and captain have the authority to protest about any matters, BUT only after the game, game must continue. For crucial matters related to an ongoing                 game, captain can walk into the field ONLY with umpire’s permission.  

       23. If any team gives walkover, they must notify the league management on the week by Thursday 5PM. Failure to do so will result in suspension of the whole team in the next               available match. 

       24. In the case of a Walkover, the loser team (No Show) will concede 2 points to the winning team, and the following rule will apply for Net Run Rate purpose:

             a - Loser Team Runs Scored: 0 from 30 overs (or Assigned over for the match) –  Loser Team Runs Conceded: 0 from 0 overs.
             b - Winner Team Runs Scored: 0 from 0 overs
             c - Winner Team Runs Conceded: 0 from 0 overs.  (ICC strictly follows this rule. However, CricClubs NRR calculation does not automatically perform the application of this                    rule. League management will manually calculate the NRR using this rule for the Walkover affected teams, and combine it with the CricClubs most recent NRR)

       25. If any team quit or give up in the middle of season, the team will not be allowed to join the league the following season.  

       26. In the case of a team quitting mid-season, all the teams in that division will be awarded with 2 points, AND, all runs scored will be taken away from the teams that already                 played against the quitting team in previous fixtures.  

       27. If league finds out any team playing unregistered player/foreign player, that player will be banned for whole season, and the captain will be suspended for two next                             immediate matches (Including Playoffs / following season).  

       28. NYBCL players can participate in any cricket leagues around the city, with the exception of National League, and Royal Premier League.  

       29. Any questions/concerns/ideas regarding the league, please let league management know via email, in-person, or via WhatsApp group.  

       30. NYBCL will follow its own rules, in addition to any other general cricketing laws set forth by the ICC.  

       31. NYBCL holds the right to reconstitute the league’s rules and regulations through amendments at any time to form its best shape, as per league management decisions.  
I, the team captain/manager, have read all the rules mentioned above and understood them to the best of my knowledge. I, on behalf of my team, agree to comply with the Bylaws for as long as we are participant, and we are aware of the consequences for violating them.
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