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Roster Management
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For uploading players to cricclubs website, there are various ways - 

  1. Captain or Vice Captain can add/re,ove players to the team from the cricclubs portal. So, please check your team for players that are not with them this year/tournament and remove them. That will make sure you have room to add the new incoming players and any one moving to another team can be added there as well.

  2. Adding existing players or valid transfers in-between seasons or tournamnets can happen on cricclubs easily by one captain removing and another adding them to the respectively. Just notify the organizers of your action if you chose to do so.

  3. Adding new players: If you cannot add the players yourself, we can upload multiple players at the same time if there are too many new players for you. This will be done once a week on Thursday for all requests at the same time. Send us the first name, last name, team and email (optional but useful for profiles). Please submit your requests using this form -

    But an easier way will be to have them register (see 4.1 below).

  4. Create/Claim Profiles: Having a profile will give the players an additional experience of participating in the games, they can help you by being the scorer or team manager. Or even get updates from the site as a new document is loaded or weekly stats summary etc.

    1. For new players, you can send the site to your players and ask them to register selecting your team name on the registration form.

    2. Returning players can claim their existing profiles by registering. They can find themselves in their team at -

Please do note that other than that weekly upload, admininstrators will not be doing any uploads. The roster is not locked down but to minimize requests for 1 person at a time, only once a week upload will be done after the teams are initiated for a new tournament.

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Dikshant Patel:  Updated information on Roster Management.