Portland Cricket Ground

Portland Cricket Ground
(PCG (Banks))
Address: 47780 NW Pongratz Rd, Banks, OR 97106

Ground usage rules - https://goo.gl/bxbP25 Ground Directions - https://goo.gl/DHIZmM

April to October - New gravel has been laid out for parking, please be courteous to farm animals and owners.  Most importantly, leave the gates closed when you enter and leave the field else farm animals make their way into the woods by the trail path.

Temporary Parking Situation:

There are new parking locations for PCG. This change is temporary because the original parking location close to the ground as well as the gravel road to that location on the Whigham Farms area, is not yet ready for use due to wet conditions.
The map below explains the two alternative locations for parking and the walking route to be taken to get to PCG. Please ensure that you and your team members use one of the two alternative shown below.
The field entrance has also moved about 100 yards west of the original gated entrance. This is also shown below.
When the original parking area is suitable for use, we will send out another email indicating that. This is expected in early May but depends on the weather.

 Also garbage system not yet available at PCG so pls make sure teams doesn't left any thing behind or we have to charge for that. 

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