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08/06/2019 POSTED BY Kenny Thomas

Hi All,

Thank you participating in the 2019 edition of SKUWRCT during the Labor Day weekend at Woodley.
We have 8 teams participating this year and we welcome you all to Woodley and wish you the best.

All eight teams will play two matches on Saturday, August 31st and two matches on Sunday, September 1st.
All teams will play their first match on Saturday at 10:00 AM The reporting time is at 8:30 AM at Woodley.
All teams will play quartter-fianls in the afternoon on Sunday.

Four teams will play the semi-finals on Monday morning and the Final will be played in the afternoon on Monday.

The reporting time is as follows:

  • Saturday, at 8:30 AM. Start time for games is at 10:00 AM
  • Sunday, at 8:00 AM. Start time for games is at 9:00 AM
  • Monday, at 8:00 AM. Start time for games is at 9:00 AM
Thanks, Tournament Committee

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