2018 Ramazan T-10
2018 Ramazan T-10
Sacramento Premier League and AD Sports are proud to bring the first ever T-10 tournament to the Greater Sacramento region. The tournament will be played in the month of Ramazan (May 19, 2018 - June 17, 2018), and games will only be two hours long. During this time, a large number of teams which participate in other local leagues, take a break from playing in the scorching heat of Sacramento, while their players fast in observance of Ramazan. So, what better way of enjoying the sport we all love while taking a break from the longer formats, than to play in a T-10 tournament, right? That's what we thought too!

See Tournament rules and terms below!

                                                   Ramzan T-10 Cup 2018 (Rules)

  1. Games will be played at the BDSCC Cricket ground in Yuba City.
  2. Games will compose of one innings by each team comprising of 10 overs to be bowled within the allotted 45 minutes period.
  3. Field Restrictions will be as follows:
  • Overs 1-2: Only 2 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards circle
  • Overs 3-8: Maximum of 4 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards circle
  • Overs 9-10: Maximum of 5 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards circle
  1. Games will be played by the balls provided by the sponsor only.
  2. Captains will be responsible for teams’ conduct on field. It is a friendly tournament, and all teams are urged to play in the spirit of the game.
  3. One (1) neutral umpire will be provided for each game. Batting Team will provide the Leg Umpire.
  4. Umpires’ calls will be final, and all players will be expected to respect umpires’ decisions.
  5. All T20I rules governing play will be applicable.
  6. A bowler cannot bowl more than 2 overs per innings.
  7. Players must have played at least one (1) game to be eligible for playing in the Final.
  8. Player sharing and or swapping is not allowed once the tournament has commenced.
  9. Sacramento Premier League will provide its website and mobile app for live scoring and stats tracking (http://www.sacramentopremierleague.com).
  10. Four participating teams will face off against each team and top 2 will feature in the final.
  11. Winning team will bag prize money of $500.
  12. All conflicts, or rules not covered in this document, will be resolved by the 4 Captains of participating teams.