SRCA Corporate Tournament
SRCA Corporate Tournament

SRCA Corporate Cricket Tournament

San Ramon Cricket Association (SRCA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2008. SRCA is community driven organization with a mission to promote and develop the game of Cricket in East Bay. SRCA is co-sponsored by City of San Ramon and works closely with City of Dublin and Pleasanton. SRCA also works with several cricket organizations including Dublin Cricket League (DCL), Cricket for Cubs (CFC).
SRCA run a year round coaching camp for youth, organizes several tournaments for youth and adult round the year. SRCA also organizes several charity events including cricket tournaments, social and cultural events to promote other causes. SRCA is organizing a SRCA Corporate Cricket Tournament in summer 2018
Companies all over the world are investing in wellness programs to promote physical fitness. Bay area companies have large pool of work force who loves to play cricket.   Cricket encourages both team spirit and team work. It is a great alternative for teamwork exercises.  When your employees get involved in a corporate sports league together, they learn how to work together outside of the office, and this enhances the teamwork that is done at work. Sports have a way of getting people to learn how to work more efficiently together and that becomes a great asset to your company.  A corporate sports league can create a stronger sense of staff loyalty towards the company. It helps build morale, and retain employees. It also helps bring together staff members that may not come into contact with each other under normal circumstances. It can encourage employees to develop a high level of respect for each other and create a sense of unity among the staff.
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