TDF - Prof. Jayashankar 9th Annual Trophy
Series Details:
Series TDF - Prof. Jayashankar 9th Annual Trophy
Start Date 08/28/2021
Ball Type Soft Ball
Series Type Twenty20
Winner Telangana Ustaads
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Cricket, the “common man’s game” remains a popular chord to connect the people of the Sub-Continent. For TDF Detroit, it’s much more than a game as it has chosen this sport to foster relationships in the community. Prof. Jayashankar Cricket Tournament has been one of the biggest draws that the Indian cricket fraternity in metro Detroit area eagerly looks forward to every summer. Rightly TDF made significant inroads into an otherwise disconnected group of younger Telanganites through this tournament held in August.

“Thanks to TDF, we have forged an excellent relationship with lot of people in our Telangana community through Prof Jaishankar tournament,” the players vouch. The recent championship, the 8th edition, has seen more than 150 players representing 9 teams. The competition among teams is always at its peak and best seen to be believed. Enormous planning and meticulous execution by various committees involved mark the success of this tournament year after year.