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Important Reminders for 2019 Season

05/10/2019POSTED BY Sushil Negi

Important Reminders for 2019 Season

Hello All,

Finally the 2019 cricket season is upon us. We are sure you all are looking forward to the start of TCL-2019 season as eagerly as we are.

We wanted to share some important points from the kick off meeting with everyone again to ensure we are squared away on all housekeeping and logistics topics with the teams.

1) Games/Start end times (NEW this year):

  • The Game start and END time MUST be adhered to and it's everyone's responsibility. Please remember to follow the over rules on game day

    • Adjust the number of hours if your game is delayed. Don't try to squeeze the whole game in less time. Umpires, Captains. We need your help with this.

    • We recommend to follow over deduction rules based on 4 min 40 sec per over rate as communicated earlier.

    • Please work with the umpire to get the game started instead of arguing about the why the overs should not be docked.

    • Home teams, please make sure you are getting the ground ready for play 15 mins before the game start time to avoid delays. Otherwise you may run the risk of being docked instead of the away team.

    • Lastly the ground must be vacated at the end of the game time irrespective of one over or one ball or one run left to win. Your team could be the next team waiting to start their game on time.

  • At the end there is always a chance of a dispute coming up due to this rule in season. We want teams to be proactive and keep above guidelines in mind to minimize (possibly eliminate) the conflicts.

2)  In case of Rain (SAME rules from last year):  We sincerely hope that we will have nice weather this year.  However, in case of rain, all the teams will obey the Directions from Township Authorities about ground playing conditions.

In case it is raining and we don’t hear anything from Township authorities, the Teams and Umpires shall reach the field and assess the field situation to make the decision about playing condition.  The Captains and Umpires will make a call. If both the captains have different opinions, the umpire will have a final say in this matter. Players safety should be given a priority to make this decision.

Please make a note of your team’s umpiring duties and assign Umpires from your teams to the ground accordingly.

3) Mat positions on the ground:   Sketches We will Below are the attached sketches (Amar will send ) for the MAT positions on the grounds.  There will be someone from Organizing Team available at the ground (First week) to help with this.

4) POC On call:  We will send the POC on call schedule for all the weekends.  They should be contacted in case of any questions.

5) Rules:  There were some questions during the umpiring sessions about some rules.  We will send out the clarifications/updates before start of the tournament.

6) Online Scoring:  It is important to download Cricclubs and and set up scoring app for real time scoring / updates.

We wish good luck to all the teams.


-TCL Organizing Team (2019)

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