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Home Team Resposibilities

06/01/2017POSTED BY Amar Virk

Home Team Resposibilities

How to identify if you are Home Team: On the TCL Tournament Schedule the team listed first will be considered as Home Team. For eg if Game is listed as Team A vs Team B, Team A will be Home Team.

Ground Setup Time: 30 mins for 5 to 7 people 

Home Team Resposibilities
  • If you home team and first game of the day,
    • Please inspect the lock and check for signs of tamering. If the box was unlocked or you feel that it has been tampered and expected cricket gear is missing then it MUST be reported immediately to the TCL organizing committee.
    • Now that the box has been unlocked, Start setting up the ground for a timely game start.
      • Set up the ground, lay mat and and boundry cones
      • Pitch Length - 21.5 Yards  (1 Yard = 3 ft)
      • Boundary Length - 55 Yards from center of the pitch (1 Yard = 3ft)
      • In-field length is 30 yards from center of the pitch (1 Yard = 3 ft)
      • Wide markings will be measured at 30 inches from outside of off / leg stumps on the batting side.
      • Return crease will be measured at 45 inches from middle stump on both sides on the bowling end.
      • Popping crease will be marked at 45 inches from wickets on both batting and bowling ends.
      • Mat should be properly pulled and nailed on one side first before stretching it and finishing the remaining nails on the other sides
  • If you are home team and last game of the day
    • Start with removing nails and getting the dirt off mat before the mat is ready to be rolled and packed for storage.
    • Pick up all the cones, nails hammers and anything else that may be lying on the ground and pack it up in the box.
    • Perform visual inspection on the ground and ensure that no trash is left behind.
    • Once all cricket gear is packed in the box, lock it and tug to check if it is snug. Please adjust if its not to ensure we dont have mis use of league property.
    • Once you have packed and locked everything, take a picture and publish in the POC group for record keeping.
  • Note: In Emergency situaltions like bad weather. both teams will assume home team responsibility

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