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Reporting ⛔➕ Behaviors

04/28/2024POSTED BY Harjit Sandhu

Reporting  ⛔➕   Behaviors

Dear Members of the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League,

Anytime if members want to report a positive or negative incident, want to give kudos or report a Breach of BCMCL code of conduct,  then they can report incident  to commitee by going on to then go to VCUSA, then VCUSA INCIDENT REPORT.

It is unfortunate that with due to lack of communication, many  incidents go unreported which can lead to continuing bad behaviours , bad experiences and rough memories among members.

We are writing to underscore the significance of reporting violations, incidents, and bad behaviors within our esteemed cricket league, and to emphasize the pivotal role that each member plays in upholding the standards of integrity, sportsmanship, and fair play in our cricket community. Reporting outstanding performances, positive actions from the opposition, and good gestures from fellow members, will encourage other members to do positive things and bring a pleasant environment around us.

As members of this esteemed cricket league, it is incumbent upon each of us to report any violations, incidents, or bad behaviors that may compromise the values and principles we hold dear. By speaking up and taking action, we contribute to the continued success and integrity of our league.  Let us also take the time to acknowledge and commend outstanding performances, positive actions from the opposition, and good gestures from fellow members. 

Thank you for your attention to this important matter and for your continued support in maintaining the integrity and spirit of cricket in the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League. Together we can create a culture of excellence, sportsmanship and camaraderie that defines the spirit of cricket. Let's all support making this family even more beautiful and organized, fulfilled with love, care and respect. 

BCMCL Manangment Commitee 

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