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News - Governing Rule 10
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Governing Rule 10

05/12/2024POSTED BY Harjit Sandhu

Governing Rule 10

We write to remind you of Rule 10 of the BCMCL Governing Rules which states in part as follows:
"If a player is registered or plays a game in any other league in the Lower Mainland, then he/she forfeits his/her registration from the BCMCL and as a result is unqualified." (emphasis added).
If a player violates Rule 10 and then plays a game in BCMCL the team for which such a player plays will forfeit the game and the captain will be penalized for playing an unregistered player.

No exceptions to this rule will be made this year even for College and university students as BCMCL is launching its own college and university cricket.

It is the club's responsibility to inform their players registered to play in BCMCL events of this rule.
Kindly ensure that your players understand the implications of breaching this rule.

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