Commonwealth Cricket League EST-1979
Commonwealth Cricket League EST-1979 Details
Address: VCP
United States - 11801
Established: 1979
Current Series: CCL 2021 Afternoon Premier T20
About: Largest League in  North America. Commonwealth Cricket League - offering more than just cricket. For all the passionate cricketers in and around New York City, an excellent way to get back to the game and have some fun. First there was the Commonwealth Cricket Club which started playing cricket in 1971 in the New York Cricket League. We made an application for a permit for the Stables field and after a lot of wrangling with the local Community Board and also the Parks Department we were finally given our first permit for a cricket field in New York City. Little did we realize what was to follow. We started out with 2 teams. My team with my 2 younger brothers and my friends. My father's team which included his friends and my older relatives as well. Because we were playing at the Stables we attracted many people and in no time we had 4 teams.Then within the space of 1 month of starting out we had 6 teams in the first year.A team from another League had played at Whitestone Park but decided that they no longer wanted the field there. We grabbed at it and that became Pitch #2 for us. Then we started becoming aggressive and we cut another wicket at Whitestone. Then we did the same at the Stables. The Commonwealth Cricket League was on its way. We had, and still have, some superb cricketers who represented the CCL. We have had our moments of glory: a]. Throughout the 1990's we made it to the Inter-League final 8 times. b.]. In the late 1990's the New York Cricket Region introduced an Under-25 competition. The team, captained by Steve Massiah and coached by Tyrone Etwaroo and Kim Vieira, did not lose a single game in all 4 years that the tournament lasted. In 2013, we have more than 72 teams. Its good to see that more than 80% of those teams are comprised of players between the ages of 15 and 25 years old. The future of the CCL is secure because our young players will make sure of that."WE ARE DOING OUR PART". We have been doing so for only a small matter of 35 years..

Lesly Lowe (President) and Ajith Bhaskar(Administration) are working Hard to make league the Best league in the country