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CPLKC Spring 2017 Newsletter

Suresh Kannan (

CPLKC Spring 2017 Newsletter

Hello CPLKC member,

First of all, thank you for being an integral part of our cricket league. On behalf of CPLKC Board, I am excited to meet you all through this newsletter. As you know, our league has grown bigger, year by year, and many exciting teams and players are making this the most enjoyable time the league has ever witnessed. As a result of this, we've made several changes to the league from this Spring and I will talk about it shortly.

This year we introduced a new ground, in North East Olathe, named appropriately as PCG (Prairie Cricket Ground). We have established a great working relationship with Olathe park and recreation department that brought 2 new cricket grounds in Kansas City in the past 4 years. Our first ground OCG also got the long awaited make over, a beautiful, super size concrete pitch, that now provides a safer environment for players. While PCG has a long way to go to make it much more effective ground, this is a great starting and we will ensure that it reaches the level of expectation of the players as soon as possible.


This year, for the first time in the Kansas City Metro Cricket, CPLKC introduced the Divisional format for the league. In the past, we have seen stronger teams overpowering newer teams, and as a result of it, we ended up discouraging newer teams. When we introduced Divisional format, there was some opposition, but overall teams embraced the idea and needless to say, it is one of the biggest hit this year. We saw several teams were provided with a chance to compete for a championship, finals, semi finals spot, individual accomplishments measured against similar skill level. This Spring league also provided an opportunity to learn what worked and what did not work (ex, relegation matches), and will be rectified in the future seasons. Before announcing the division winners from Spring league, I want to touch on organizers and teams.

On behalf of the board members, I cannot express how happy we were to have Hemant Tiwari, Rikin Patel,  Sharief Mohammed in our organizing committee for the Spring league. I sincerely thank these guys for doing all they can to make this tournament run smooth. Organizer work is a thankless job and at the end of the tournament, most of them are left with bitter experience from fellow league members/captains. It is our responsibility as the league members to help them, they are volunteering their time to work for us, we should recognize, appreciate and partner with them. It is learning process for both the organizers and captains to work together, and I am sure we all have same goal in mind, which is to make the league a better place to enjoy your time away from the daily hassle of life.

CPLKC Spring 2017 Winners
This brings to the exciting part, 2017 Spring CPLKC results. Congratulations to all the divisional winners and for the runner up, you were great too, just not great that day. Here the winners and runner up across all divisions.

Division A : 
Champions        Mavericks
Runner up         Raging Bulls 
Best Batsman           Rajesh Kannan (Raging Bulls)
Best Bowler              Sumit Sehrawat (Mavericks)
Best Keeper              Aravind Rao (Mavericks)
Man of the Series    Sumit Sehrawat (Mavericks).
Special shout out to Avinash Gudapati of UMKC Raptors.

Division B : 
Champions     Wolves
Runner up     Blazing Falcons 
Best Batsman           Delhi Babu Yenugu (Rockers)
Best Bowler              Jayabharath Reddy (Rockers)
Best Keeper              Mohan Janga (Blazing Falcons)
Man of the Series    Delhi Babu Yenugu (Rockers).

Division C : 
Champions     KC Titans
Runner up     Tuskers 
Best Batsman           Aravind Sreedharan (Supernovas)
Best Bowler              Kumar Zee (KC Titans)
Best Keeper             Sai Mutyala (Tuskers)
Man of the Series    Praveen Ramachandran (Tuskers)

Thank you all for being part of an exciting tournament. The new summer league starts in a week, get ready for an action filled summer, till then, have a great July 4th long weekend. Captains, keep an eye on the meeting notice that will come your way shortly.

Suresh Kannan
President, CPLKC

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