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07/24/2016 POSTED BY Siva Tiyagura


Welcome to the home of CPLKC (Cricket Premier League of Kansas City). We are the Kansas City’s primary league for taped hard ball cricket. CPLKC runs 2 exciting long tournaments every year, spring and summer tournaments. We have 27 teams, 650 players in our league. We welcome you to come watch our games or if you are a player join our league and enjoy the game.

CPLKC is a non profit organization with goals of promoting the sport of Cricket in and around Kansas City and support our local community. 

CPLKC Board manages the league activities with the help of volunteers. CPLKC Board can be reached out for any promotions, sponsorships, suggestions or complaints.

CPLKC Board :
CPLKC Organizing Committee :


CPLKC Directors of Board

  1. Suresh Kannan    -  President
  2. Gowtham Nalluri  -  Treasurer
  3. Rishi Kate             - Executive Director, League Development
  4. Nikhil Mahajan      - Executive Director, Communications/Tournaments
  5. Siva Tiyagura        - Executive Director, Community Relations/Organizing Committee

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