• We would like to invite all of you with your families and friends to Puerto Rico Relief Fund - playoffs and finals followed by an Award ceremony on Sunday, November, 5th, and during this event, $1000 will be donated to the "Red Cross - Puerto Rico Relief fund" along with the winners and runners up price money. We are expecting some dignitaries from County office for award ceremony and hoping to have lots of fun throughout the day.

    QF Starts at 9 AM
    Semi Finals: 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm
    Finals: 3:00 pm
    Award ceremony: 4:15 PM

    QF Schedule for tomorrow
        Team Team   Umpire Umpire
    11/5/2017 9:00 AM Howard Knights  Suicide Squad   SMP Columbia Bolts Biryani Pointe Souravs 20
    11/5/2017 10:00 AM Columbia Bolts   Biryani Pointe Souravs 20   SMP Howard Knights Suicide Squad
    11/5/2017 11:00 AM Dunkin Baskin FCC   Raiders   SMP Baltimore Badshah Warriors
    11/5/2017 12:00 PM Baltimore Badshah   Warriors   SMP Dunkin Baskin FCC Raiders
  • Playoff schedule for the HCCL Puerto Rico Relief Cup. Please come and support the teams this Sunday.

  • Let's play cricket to support relief effort for Puerto Rico. Please use the link below to register your team. You will receive an confirmation within 24 hours.

  • Please note that we are moving the game start times. 8.30 AM game is moved to 9.15 AM due to wet out field conditions. 

    Team have 3 hours to complete the game. If you are unable to finish the game on time, you have to leave the field and continue the game following day or at MHMS. We have played 4 games with at the beginning of season and we were able to finish the game within 3 hours. Umpires please take charge and make sure that games are completed on time. 

    Please start on time regardless of conditions and please note that we have to play 3 games in day.

  • Division A Q/F schedule and Division B game 7 schedule updated.

    Playoffs Rule #3..... Playoff seeding willbe decided by the win points and tie/cancellation/forfiet points only. If points are tied Net Run Rate (NRR) will be used to break the tie. Penalty points will NOT be counted for seeding in playoffs.
    9/23/2017 11:45 AM 786ixers   Columbia Bolts   SMP
    9/23/2017 15:00 PM CCC Kings   Biryani Pointe Souravs 20  SMP
    9/24/2017 11:45 AM Greater Montessori Chargers     V-Soft Cricket Warriors   SMP
    9/24/2017 15:00 PM Howard Knights OM Chargers   SMP
  • Game 1 8.30 AM @MHMS canceled 
    08/19/2017,8:30 AM,OMCC Chargers vs 786ixers  @MHMS. We will make an assesment around 9.30 AM tomorrow morning regarding the remianing game.
  • Following games are cancelled due to wet pitch
    08/13/2017 11:45 AM Team XI   CSK   MHMS Lagaan Oakridge Royal Strikers
    08/13/2017 15:00 PM Hell-Raisers   Giants Xi   MHMS Polar Bullz Khader Shaik
  • Weather has been really good recently (apart from the thunderstorms) and many of us would love to practice at SMP during weekdays. Just a gentle reminder to everyone that
    • The pitch at Schooley Mill Park is for use by permit only.
    • For information on a permit, please contact Ms. Jean Shea at or 410-313-4626 (HCRP filed permit Manager).
    Please be mindful of others who already might have a permit for the multipurpose field at SMP.

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  • Hello, Thank you for updated schedule along with umpires assigned in the game. I have noticed some games will be umpired by same team playing per current schedule. Not sure if it was intentional. Please look into it. Thank you.

    Mohammed Khondaker - 2016-07-22 10:55:08.0

  • Please contact if you have are looking for a player for your team. He sent a request to the website looking for a team to play.

    Howard County Cricket League Hccl - 2016-07-18 17:06:51.0