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    Step 3: Once you find your name in the list, click on the Update button
    Step 4: Select Claim Profile

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  • Bonus points changed to 1 per our rules document. 
  • Spring 2017 season starts tomorrow. Please refer the rules document (see link below)

    • Please update team roster as soon as possible. Rosters will be locked tonight (4/14/2017)
    • Please download and install the cricclubs app from Play Store or App Store
    • Please upload player pictures
    • Please submit waiver forms to Patrick
    • Please read the rules document (link below) 

    If you did not attend the manager's meeting on Tuesday, you may not be aware of the rule changes, so please read the rules document. Here are some very important rules
    1. In case of lightning, no matter the situation of the game, the game must be stopped and all players must go to the nearest pavilion or closed area/facility.

    2. Within a season, a player can be on the roster of only one team throughout HCCL. Separate groups and/or divisions does not change that
    3. Teams should submit the roster before their first game and profile photo is required
    4. In case of an ID complaint, the umpires reserve the right to verify the player/s valid photo ID. Failure to establish ID will result in eviction from the game.
    5. ​It is mandatory to use the CricClubs app to set up the game.
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    6. A missed umpiring assignment​ is an infraction and/or Unreported or delayed scorecard​ is an infraction. Accrual of any 1​ infractions makes the team ineligible for playoffs, no matter what the ranking.
  • Greetings Howard County Cricket League Managers, Teams and Community!
    Many thanks for your efforts as we are all excited to be competing in our Spring 2017 HCCL Season/Tournament!
    HCRP and I are excited to be working with our competing Teams, our Advisory Board and our Rules Committee and appreciate everyone’s efforts.
    Murali, Vijay and Jey are proud to welcome Damodara Rao Puli to the Advisory Board and I am confident Puli will prove to be a most outstanding addition.
    HCRP and the HCCL are excited to have 28 Teams participating and are currently working on the League schedule.
    Our 28th Team officially registered yesterday and we are now officially ready to move forward with our League updates.
    PLEASE take a moment to review the following League items:
                    The HCRP and the HCCL will host the: Team/Manager’s Meeting on TUESDAY, APRIL 11th; 7pm – 8pm @ HCRP Headquarters (7120 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia MD)
                    The HCCL will utilizes the CricClubs website for all League updates.
                    Within the next couple days, please visit to familiarize yourselves with our League homepage.
                                   Please type ‘ Howard County Cricket League ‘ in the Search for Club/League space and open the link to our HCCL homepage.
    Please take time to explore this site as HCRP & HCCL are excited to join and utilize the many technological resources provided.
    PLEASE send the League (reply all above) your Team’s NAME, your Team’s CAPTAIN and VICE CAPTAIN (and the name of the person who registered/paid HCRP if different..)
    PLEASE sent the League (reply all above) your Team’s roster in an excel spreadsheet with one column including each Players’ full first name, and the
    second column including the Players’ full last name.  The League will use this information to best update the website
    PLEASE find attached a blank HCRP Roster Form.  Please have each of your Players sign this Roster and please submit (scan/email) to the League once all Players
    have signed.
    I will have a case of hard tennis balls at HCRP Headquarters (7120 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia MD 21046) next week.  I will bring the balls to the Manager’s Meeting on April 11th.
    Each Team is permitted to visit HCRP Headquarters next week (M-F; 8:30am-4:30pm), inform the front desk of your intentions, and pick up and sign for one box (6 balls) per Team.
    HCRP will provide one additional case of balls if requested later in the Season/Tournament.
                    Cricclubs allows Teams/Players to include player’s pictures with the rosters on the website.  In an effort to avoid future controversies, HCRP and the HCCL encourage all Players to submit
    photos to Cricclubs at your earliest convenience.
    Please feel free to visit   Washington Cricket Center hyperlink  for additional equipment, supplies and Training options.
    The Washington Cricket Center has indoor batting cages, outdoor fields and all Cricket equipment on site within their operations at Laurel Race Track.
    HCRP and the HCCL are looking forward to a great Spring Season!
    Please complete all  updates in the immediate future.
    Please provide the signed Team roster as soon as possible.
    Thank you again for your commitments and efforts and will continue to enjoy our Area’s most exciting Adult Cricket League!
    Good luck!
    Patrick C. McGinnis
    Recreation Coordinator II
    Howard County Recreation and Parks
    7120 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia MD 21046
    410-313-4716 (office)
    410-409-3474 (cell)
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  • Hello, Thank you for updated schedule along with umpires assigned in the game. I have noticed some games will be umpired by same team playing per current schedule. Not sure if it was intentional. Please look into it. Thank you.

    Mohammed Khondaker - 2016-07-22 10:55:08.0

  • Please contact if you have are looking for a player for your team. He sent a request to the website looking for a team to play.

    Howard County Cricket League HCCL - 2016-07-18 17:06:51.0