• Key Rules for Spring 2019 has been updated and uploaded to CricClubs. The changes have been summarized here:
  • We are validating the schedule and we will send a email once it is finalized
    Spring 2019
    Play-Off Scenario Division A
    Qtr Final #1 North 1 vs South 4
    Qtr Final #2 South 1 vs North 4
    Qtr Final #3 North 2 vs South 3
    Qtr Final #4 South 2 vs North 3
    Semi-Final #1 Qtr Final #1 vs Qtr Final #4
    Semi-Final #2 Qtr Final #2 vs Qtr Final #3
    Finals  Semi Final #1 vs Semi-Final #2
    Play-Off Scenario Division B
    Qtr Final #1 East 1 vs West 4
    Qtr Final #2 West 1 vs East 4
    Qtr Final #3 East 2 vs West 3
    Qtr Final #4 West 2 vs East 3
    Semi-Final #1 Qtr Final #1 vs Qtr Final #4
    Semi-Final #2 Qtr Final #2 vs Qtr Final #3
    Finals  Semi Final #1 vs Semi-Final #2
  • Spring 2019 Here are the Div A (North/South) and Div B (East/West)
    Div A     Div B  
    North 8th game Across   East 8th game Across
    Ohm Mangalam FCC   Lagaan CSK
    Sparktans N9IT A team   Loards of Baltimore C-Hitters
    TEAM XI Columbia Bolts   Quick Mart 11 Giants X1
    Braves Bullz   Pavan Foods Daredevils Sakthi
    Cockeysville Rising Stars Biryani Pointe Titans   Unify Royal Strikers  Maryland Tigers
    Greater Montessori Chargers ISB   Maryland Alphas Blazers
    HCC Lions Hell-Raisers   OM Chargers Albany Riders
    South     West  
    Hell-Raisers     C-HITTERS  
    ISB     CSK  
    Biryani Pointe Titans     Maryland Tigers  
    FCC     Albany Riders  
    Columbia Bolts     Sakthi  
    N9IT A team     Balzers  
    Bullz     Renegades  
  • Dear, Captains, Vice-Captains, and Manager

    Hope you all are doing well!

    The Cricket season is approaching soon, and we wanted to reach out to you in preparation of the same.

    1.  We have some changes to the process on how you register, this time you will need to register the teams using the following link, you will have an option to pay using the money transfer to (BOA) or by check (in the name of ‘HCCL’) or Cash.

    HCCL Spring 2019 Fees: $500 per team, Deposit: $300 per team.

    There will be penalties for missing umpiring duties and forfeiting the games. All the details will be in Final Rule doc for 2019. Deposit will be used against missing umpiring and forfeit penalties. Teams with no penalties will receive the full refund of the deposit at the end of the tournament

    Registration link:

    2.  We are planning on having the managers meeting on Saturday 03/16, 6:00 PM at Chopathi – An India Kitchen Restaurant, Hanover, MD.

    3.  We are requesting you to put the HCCL logo (attached herewith) on your team jerseys either on the right side of the chest, and as an incentive, the teams who will put the logos on their jerseys will get 5 free hours for practice at one of the HCCL grounds (Team needs to follow the regular process for reservation).

    4.  We encourage the players to become a panel umpires, starting this year, any panel umpire who completes the minimum 5 duties will get the free umpire jersey (pic attached).

    5.  HCCL is planning on having an Award Banquet this year, more details will be available to you as year progresses.

    6.  We would also like to share that HCCL is activity working with HCPSS and HCRP to get one more ground and hoping that we have some Good news soon.

    Please reach out to us if you have any questions or difficulties registering your teams.


    HCCL Administration
    Follow us on Facebook at:

  • Happy Holidays and Season greetings!!!  We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year.  
    Happy Holidays!!!
  • QF Schedule
    Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Ground Umpire 1 Umpire 2
    10/28/2018 11:00 AM Columbia Chargers   FCC Heroes   SK1 Team XI Ohm Mangalam
    10/28/2018 11:00 AM Baltimore Warriors   CSK   SK2 FCC Royal Strikers
    10/28/2018 2.00 PM FCC   Royal Strikers   SK1 Columbia Chargers CSK
    10/28/2018 2.00 PM Team XI   Ohm Mangalam   SK2 Baltimore Warriors FCC Heroes
    10/28/2018 1.30 PM Sparktans   Hell-Raisers   SMP ISB Greater Montessori Chargers
    10/28/2018 1.30 PM 786ixers   Biryani Pointe Souravs 20   MHMS Lagaan Columbia Bolts
    10/28/2018 10:00 AM Lagaan   Columbia Bolts   MHMS 786ixers Biryani Pointe Souravs 20
    10/28/2018 10:00 AM ISB   Greater Montessori Chargers   SMP Sparktans Hell-Raisers
  • Playoff brackets - We will adding date, time and ground based on the weather forecast
    Playoff Bracket

  • This year has been very challenging with all the rain and washout games, however; we are trying our best to accommodate all the washed out games, we encourage you all to make few adjustments and make this work in the best interest of the game.

    We visited the MHMS ground and the playing conditions are not looking good, we think that all 3 Saturday games will not be played in that condition and therefore, we have moved following  games to different timing (due to ground availability issue) and grounds. Please pay extra attention to the the ground addresses and umpiring details.

    1. SK2: 18810 Strawberry Knoll Road , Gaithersburg , MD , 20879
    2. FRC: 10598 Marble Faun Ln, Columbia, MD 21044
    3. APR: 20101 Swallow Point Road , Montgomery Village , MD , 20886

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  • Hello, Thank you for updated schedule along with umpires assigned in the game. I have noticed some games will be umpired by same team playing per current schedule. Not sure if it was intentional. Please look into it. Thank you.

    Mohammed Khondaker - 2016-07-22 10:55:08.0

  • Please contact if you have are looking for a player for your team. He sent a request to the website looking for a team to play.

    Howard County Cricket League Hccl - 2016-07-18 17:06:51.0