• Great NewsOne of the HCCL supporter is helping us subsidizing the cost for the HCCL Banquet and now we can offer the ticket as follows due to that. He would like to stay Anonymous and therefore we ar[...]
  • Div B QFs: 10/05 WeekendDiv A QFs: 10/12 WeekendDiv B SFs: 10/12 WeekendDiv A SFs: 10/19 WeekendDiv A and Div B Finals: 10/19 Weekend    HCCL 2019 Fall Playoffs   [...]
  • Dear, HCCL ParentsAfter introducing the HCCL Huskies U14 program, we have had many inquires and demand for U12 program. We are introducing the U12 program starting 08/12 week, it will be 6 week [...]
  • Here is the 2019 Spring Playoff schedule. Good luck teams 
  • Please find the playoff and Fall Registration details as follows.QFs: 07/14 weekendSFs: 07/21 weekendFinals: 07/27All-Star: 07/28Play-Off Scenario Division AQtr Final #1 North 1 vs South 4  Qtr [...]
  • Key Rules for Spring 2019 has been updated and uploaded to CricClubs. The changes have been summarized here:
  • We are validating the schedule and we will send a email once it is finalizedSpring 2019  Play-Off Scenario Division A Qtr Final #1 North 1 vs South 4 [...]
  • Spring 2019 Here are the Div A (North/South) and Div B (East/West) Div A     Div B   North 8th game Across   East 8th game[...]
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HCCL Key Rules for Spring 2019 - Changes

Suhas Wadadekar 2019-04-11 Comments

Key Rules for Spring 2019 have been published. Here are the key changes: Penalties have been updated. Missing an umpiring costs a team 2 points and $50 during league stage. Missing a playoffs umpiring costs the team $100. If the team is still in playoffs, it will be disqualified as always Player eligibility for playoffs: The number of appearances required by a player will be tiered based on the actual number of games played by a team (games played will not count washed out games or forfei[...]

Live scoring help

Hccl admin 2016-04-19 Comments

Prateek Bajpai wrote:Key things that we would like to point out are as following: 1.       Claim your profile on CricClubs2.       Download app and login3.       Open schedule and Select your division4.       Find your current game to be played5.       Setup Live Scoring Rest of the steps are very well explained [...]

How to add your scorecard?

Hccl admin 2016-04-18 Comments

Captain and Vice Captain of the team will be able to add scorecards.Step 1: Login using your accountStep 2: From the Matches Menu, Click on ScheduleStep 3: Scroll down the Past Matches SectionStep 4: Locate the match and looks for Admin Actions button menuStep 5: Click on Full Scorecard and start entering information. Note: make sure to match the first and last name of players from your roster.If you have did not submit your roster, you will not be able to complete the scoring. If you have add [...]

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  • Hello, Thank you for updated schedule along with umpires assigned in the game. I have noticed some games will be umpired by same team playing per current schedule. Not sure if it was intentional. Please look into it. Thank you.

    Mohammed Khondaker - 2016-07-22 10:55:08.0

  • Please contact if you have are looking for a player for your team. He sent a request to the website looking for a team to play.

    Hccl admin - 2016-07-18 17:06:51.0