• Additional Playoff Rules
    • Super subs players allowed in the playoffs.
    • To be eligible to play in the play offs a player must have played 2 games and forfeited and washed out games don't count as your games. In case the 2 team captains agree, each team can add players from the forfeited game roster based on the said player having actually played at minmum of one game.
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Fair Play Award

Suraj Sundarraj 2017-04-24 Comments

 This year we are taking up a new initiative to recognize teams for their spirit.   [...]

Heartland Cricket League Constitution

sukhen chatterjee 2016-03-08 Comments

Preamble The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and to carry on the playing and [...]

HCL Organization Structure

sukhen chatterjee 2016-03-08 Comments

The HCL committee will comprise of  4/5 Executive Members (Executive Body) + 1 Voting member ([...]

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