• ICL season is scheduled to start mid of April 2018. Good luck to all the teams. Have a fun filled time.ICL request to cricket loving community to come and show your support, and cheer your favor[...]
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ICL Commitment

Srinivas Chirangi 2016-07-13 Comments

Our Commitment:Intermountain Cricket League is dedicated to provide a positive platform for diverse ethnic communities to come together and play as one community that would enrich the essence of cricket as a multicultural sport. The league wishes that cricket brings people together and links the communities, irrespective of their origin race and religion. The goal of ICL is to promote sportsmanship by promoting and coordinating cricket activities within the Intermountain Region. Our Commitment [...]

Approved Nonprofit Orginization

Srinivas Chirangi 2016-04-26 Comments

An Approved Nonprofit Orginization. 

Our Story on KSL

Srinivas Chirangi 2016-04-25 Comments

Check out Our Story on KSL

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