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Important update for all players!

09/21/2018 POSTED BY Mwcl Admin

Important update for all players!

Good Evening Cricket lovers! 

                      A quick word and update from myself to all of you. Recently I have had some of you reach out to me with concerns that you are being added to the team without your consent being asked! I have always operated under the code of eithics with all the team reps and took their word when they asked me to add some of you to their team for any tournament and I can also say the same for Hasan. 

 This is really disturbing to me that some of you would do such a thing to trap players against their will in your team!. I wanted to reach out to all of you and ask you to share this with all the other members of the league who have not registered their email yet to our website to let then  know as well that if this happens to you , I want you to contact me personally about any unethical behavour from any member of the league towards you! My contact is and you can reach me via text instead of call at 913-221-6276 anytime and I promise to follow up with you and the personal creating this situation for you in our league. 

 We are only going to be as Strong or as ethical as our weakest member of the leauge! So please help me help our selfs in this matter! 

Sohail Anwar 
MWCL President 

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