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COVID_19 UPDATE for 2020 year

03/16/2020 POSTED BY Mwcl Admin

COVID_19 UPDATE for 2020 year

To all League members 

"The MWCL has decided to suspend MWCL 2020 until 15th April 2020, as a precautionary measure against the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.
"The MWCL is concerned and sensitive about all its players, and public health in general, and it is taking all necessary steps to ensure that all people related to MWCL including fans have a safe cricketing experience.
"The MWCL will work closely with the City officials along with the Kansas City Parks and rec., Department of Health and Family Welfare and all other relevant city and state government departments in this regard. Ensuring that the players feel comfortable remains paramount to the MWCL”
As we gather more information, we will communicate accordingly. May God protect us and all our families. 

Stay safe ! 

Sohail Anwar

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