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02/21/2016 POSTED BY Mwcl Admin


We had our Annual league meeting today and here is the outcome. 
  • We will conduct 3 tournaments , First one 25 over with red ball, next two will be T20 with white ball. 
  • There are 10 teams that are confirmed at this time. 
  • Execetive committee consits of Rajbir Singh , Satish Khot , Saleem Akhtar, and Sohail Anwar while honorary member is Sukumar Subramanyum. 
  • We will have 2 Grounds all year with 2nd ground being in Kearney and UCM ( Warransburg) 
  • Balls were decided to be changed from the precious Greys / SG to New 4 piece MWCL Branded balls as we were able to secure a private label deal with those companies. 
  These are some of the highlights , and I will be communicating with you all on a regualr basis as we move on in to the regualr season. I would also like to thank all of you and the new teams who showed up to the meeting today and play a big role in making the league success. 

 Sohail Anwar

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