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The Zone - Restaurant and Bar THE ZONE STORY 

Necessity is the mother of creation! As any parent can tell you, kids love to do fun activities & games at special events such as birthday parties or life mile stones. Most times we as parents are chaperones when these events happen. As our founder took his kids to the local venues, he noticed there was always a missing element, many times nothing to do for the adults, other times it was the quality or limited choice of food & beverage, limited choice of activities, and or the quality of the venue overall.

Having a lifelong hospitality background, this was a no brainer! Why not conceptualize & build a Venue that would have something for every age group? This way when the children are playing, the adults can relax at the Sports Bar and still watch their children right from their seat. Why not have more than one type of entertainment in one location so people can have choices? Wouldn’t having great food & beverage made there on sight, instead of having only a few choices such as pizza or subs brought from another location be much better?

Hence, welcome to the Zone, with Limitless Fun for Everyone.

Visit The Zone - Restaurant and Bar in Ashburn for Hapy Hours, Birthday parties and for fun.